Home Discussion Forum Can anybody out there see auras?

Can anybody out there see auras?

I can but I can’t see colors. Wonder why??? I can see the brightness of ones outline and the energy beyond but I have trouble making out color. All i see is different shades of light.


  1. Auras are usually very bright and distinctive colors, sometimes it takes a few minutes to be able to see someone’s aura.

  2. I for one can’t see auras but my friend can. Maybe it is because your gift isn’t as strong as someone elses. Or it could be because you need more practice…or you could be imagining things. (I mean no offense…just listing the possibilities)

  3. I see light or dark halos around people, sort of like an outline. It usually only occurs when I am in a state of rest and relaxation (like being bored in class). I think it’s an optical illusion caused in similar fashion as staring at a black dot for a few minutes and then staring at a white wall (or conversely, a street lamp and then closing your eyes afterwards to see the light still).

  4. I see auras around people, but not in the way I have seen described on websites. It will almost be as though the person is glowing a certain colour… not all people, certainly not all the time. And not even always the same colour. I tend not to tell people incase they think i am weird…
    I don’t know how to interpret it…
    Drop me a message, would be good to chat about it!

  5. hi way cool.
    it is just a matter of development to be able to ascertain different colours, to practice instead of trying to see the colours, get some colour pencils, draw a persons outline,
    think of someone or while you are seeing the aura choose a colour and place it on the picture where it is.
    go to the web page below and check the basic colour meanings and see how well you do. this will develop your sense of seeing the colours.

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