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Can anybody enlighten us on what could theoretically be the structure of a tachyon?


  1. the theory of relativity (Einstein) states that particles that travel at speed of light can travel above it, particles that travel slower can not. Only particles that travel the speed of light are photons (maybe neutrinos, but that is not completly sure) so therefore tachyons would be photons

  2. What are Photons & Tachyon Energy?
    Tachyon energy are subatomic particles of light that travel faster than light.
    Photons are quantum packets of light carrying energy, they move faster than light A demonstrate particle & wave properties (ie, moving in straight lines as well as in waves).
    “A photon light particle is the result of a collision between an anti-electron (positron) & an electron. This split second collision causes the two particles to destroy each other. The resulting mass of this collision is completely converted into energy that registers as photons or light particles. ” *P 28 of the book, “You Are Becoming A Galactic Human’.
    Do not be confused by the term Tachyon. There are 2 companies using the name Tachyon. One is a Japanese company called “Tachyon Energy” that has been making products called Tachyon Energy Beads. These have a use-by dated have been around since about 1995/6. The second is an American company called “Tachyon Technologies” that has been marketing products since about Z002/3. They have products that are similar to “Tesla’s” but the real effects of these are not as pleasant. ”
    The physical body is almost wholly electrical, chemical & mechanical. The medical profession seems to have forgotten this, & they work mainly on the chemical side. ”
    Up until now the scientific community has only recognised what their 5 senses show them. The energy field around all living things cannot be seen, smelt or felt with our 5 senses; this has caused a big conflict between science & those of us who use our extra senses. ”
    Understanding Tachyon & Photon Energy gives you an understanding of the electrical aspect of our body. “With the development of Kirlian & Aura photography, the physical world can now see the energy fields around all living things. This energy field is called the aura, which is really pure Photon/Tachyon Energy.
    “Dis-eases such as cancer & arthritis are really electrical problems within the body caused by an imbalance in the human energy field.
    “Dr Wilhelm Reich, in the 1950’s, made the discovery that cancer & arthritis were electrical diseases. He claimed these diseases could be cured with Orgone Energy, described by him as being Universal Energy. Dr Reich trapped this energy in an Orgone Accumulator, which was made by alternating organic & inorganic matter. The problem with this was Dr Reich’s use of iron, which created its own unnatural magnetic field & has an unbalancing effect. Also Orgone Energy is not a pure form of Photon/Tachyon Energy. Electromagnetic energy cannot be seen, tasted or touched. The “scientific” leaders of the day & the F.D.A would not believe Dr Reich’s work. He was consequently jailed & his books destroyed. He died in prison 6 months later in 1957.


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