Home Discussion Forum Can anybody else see other people's auras?

Can anybody else see other people's auras?

My brother can see them right away, as can my Aunty who can see more in people, like whether they have had hard lives or deaths in their lives etc etc. Is it a common gift?


  1. No they can’t.
    They are either lying, or are mentally unbalanced. You see in a recent study, they asked a dozen people to examine the “aura” of someone seated in front of them. They got a different answer from each person.
    Now, if aura’s were real, it would appear the same wouldn’t it?
    But no, it’s imaginary and the answers reflected that.

  2. I can see people’s auras. I see their physical health first then emotional and spiritual health. I don’t know how common it is to do this. I would be curious as to how many people can see auras.


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