Can any tarot reader answer these questions for me?

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His birthdate November 13th 1984 in sao paulo brazil
My birthdate september 5th 1985 at 8:00 a.m. in shanghai china
a) When will I see him again?
b) how long will it last?
c) Can you give me tips on getting him and keeping him?
d) Is he obtainable for the long term?
e) When will we marry?
f) Tell me SOMETHING, ANYTHING so that I know your real.

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Oh your chinese thats cool weird ,match though chinese and brazilian. Sorry i am not a tarot card reader and do not really believe in that but i hope you and him see each other again 😀

Brother Trucker



10 card spread:
You are searching for this answer with all the powers you can. You are covered with intense feelings of love and ecstasy. Your obstacles are degradation and loss and feelings of intense rejection. The best you can do is be safe. You have to trust in your own common sense, and possibly in your own financial sense when it comes to dealing with this situation. You are moving away from gratification. You are heading into something new. Your attitudes towards all this indicate that you feel betrayed and taken advantage of. Those around you will support you if you chose to follow this man. Your hopes and fears are tied up in difficulties and intrigue. What will come will not be real.
So answering your questions:
a) You might, but it’ll never be what you want.
b) Only as long as you pursue it.
c) Getting him and keeping him may not be what you want. It seems you even understand this.
d) No.
e) You won’t, or if you do, it will not be what you really want.
f) Look into your heart – feeling betrayed is not a wrong emotion. You are in love, and you want to pursue this man. But seriously, SERIOUSLY, you know what’s best for you, and you know (indicated by the cards) that this man really isn’t how you should be with. He’s a wish, a dream, and he’s already hurt you deeply. He will do it again, and you know it. Leave this behind and move into something new.


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