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Can any psychic medium tell me what this higher being is up to?

A higher judge of some sort (or maybe demonic ; () – can tweak my conscousness slightly – i was partially psychic back in december and sort of want to be left in a partial state if possible for perspective (i am lying or not ; ) )
anyways, any input as to what i should do or goings on is much appreciated! thanks!


  1. Since these kinds of predictions or visions are impossible to prove, no answer you could get would be the least reliable even if psychics do exist.
    But I’m still tempted to give you my 2 cents on your question.
    I believe everyone has a goal in life and that goal always tends towards becoming a better person on one or more aspect. Based on that, you should probably try to find what you think would make you a better person and how you can build your life around that.
    With this principle, even if psychic abilities don’t exist or life has no real meaning, you’ll probably get somewhere and get a feeling of accomplishment from it.


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