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can any one teach me how to do good witchcraft or magick ?

Please teach me about what people like the Wiccans do to get magick powers and how do they use them ,please I want to learn the good things about magick please help


  1. No, I won’t. Because you’re not interested in Wicca itself, you just want to be able to do magick. I don’t trust those type of people because they’re more concerned with themselves than they are of the morality of a thing. I don’t trust your motives.
    Why? Because you didn’t ask about Wicca, you asked about magick.

  2. I would be more than happy to teach you everything you need to know about magick.
    (It’s fake, just like God)
    Show me a magician or alchemist who didn’t die penniless and I’ll show you an invisible pink unicorn.

  3. I am afraid that magick is such a huge topic that without more direct questions, many magickians would be hard pressed to answer you. Magick takes several forms and is practiced in several different styles. I am an Occultist. The form of magick I practice is far different from Wicca, prega, vodov (voodoo), and just about anything else you can think of. I will gladly share the magick I know with you. My contact information is open so feel free to send me an email or contact me on yahoo messenger.

    • Hi there.
      Are you a sole practitioner/hedge witch? I used to practice years ago but have lost a lot of touch in that part of my life. Are you able to teach me or provide any advice?

  4. First I have a couple of questions for you to really ponder.
    1. Why do you want to practice witchcraft?
    2. What lead you to this path?
    3. What do you expect to gain from it?
    If your answer to ANY of these questions is “power”, forget it. Our “magick powers” are not what you think they are. Real life is not like Harry Potter or Charmed.
    READ!!! Find out which denomination you would prefer. You may find your answer in, Buckland’s Complete Book of Witchcraft.
    I would not bother with any type of initiation or gathering of ritual tools until you decide which path you are going to follow. I have a lot of tools, but then, I have been practicing for a very long time. My particular path essentially needs only a Staff, Dirk (athame) and a Keek-Stane (or crystal ball). Other tools can be acquired as needed.
    I am Pecti-Witan (aka Hedge Witch, not Wiccan) a “solitary” practitioner of “the Old Religion”, and have been for many, many years. Being a “Witch” is nothing like what is portrayed in movies or on Television. There is nothing flashy about it. we are fairly simple people with “abilities” that everyone has, ours are just honed and utilized. Lots of research and practice. There is a lot to learn when you are dealing with herbal, mineral and candle magick.
    I read tarot cards, rune stones and utilize a number of other tools for divination but would NEVER charge anyone for anything I do! Besides, I do not do “readings” or “cast spells” for others on demand. That sounds more like a con game to me!
    Now as for what I did to start, well, it seemed to come naturally to me, (my mother was a witch and my great grandmother was the daughter of a Comanche medicine man) and I believe this is not my first life (nor the last) as a witch. I have always had a deep respect for nature and have an innate ability to communicate with animals. When I was very young my parents encouraged me to learn about all religions, so I did. And I encourage you to do the same to find your true path. Books are an excellent source, providing you get the right ones, there are some I would avoid (Ravenwolf). I prefer Scott Cunningham. If you can connect with other practitioners that would also be a good way to learn. One question you must ask yourself is are you looking for the structured system of a Coven or would you prefer the life as a “Solitary”? Buckland has some very good books outlining both. But my favorite book is still “Wicca, a Guide for the Solitary Practitoner”. It is a good place to start (or affirm).
    As you have probably noticed, you also have to have a thick skin, because even in this “advanced” civilization there are still those who believe we worship the devil (LMAO), and would rather turn a blind eye to the world around them. Some will even admit that they think we should be burned at the stake! Ignorance knows no bounds.
    If you are very young, expect ridicule and really stupid requests to do “Magic” like they do on TV or in movies. It is not going to make you cool. Expect people to tell you that you are going to Hell. You will probably lose friends. Just being honest with you.
    I hope you find the answers you were looking for.

  5. I have been studying magick since I was a child, since I was raised in a household that practices these things. If you want to learn these types of things, I would suggest that you find an appropriate teacher. There’s no substitute for proper instruction, not when it comes to magick.

  6. The best way to find out is by doing research for yourself. We don’t get magic powers, we have the same natural abilities that every human has. Magic is simply energy that flows within us and all around us and in every part of nature. We simply tap in to this power and focus it toward our goal. We can’t break the laws of nature or control others, so if that’s what your after, don’t bother. You have to research to learn anything.


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