Home Discussion Forum Can any of you guys see auras? How do you do that?

Can any of you guys see auras? How do you do that?


  1. I remeber a teacher of mine saying that you have the person stand in front of white wall being completly still as possible and put a lot of light on them then stare at them for a while concentrating on their centers then have the person move and you see like some color around where the person was
    a teacher tried to do this with the class once. I cant remeber if it works but you never know till you try.

  2. It’s really easy to learn to see auras. get a pair of glasses without any magnification or tint. Paint dots right in the center of where your eyes match in the lens. paint the lens I had a smart guy try to paint his eyeball once. Bad thing.
    What you are doing in effect is called a forced eclyps. It forces peripheral vision. Make it a practice to use the glasses only in dimmed light and only for short periods of time. Don’t wear the glasses for more then ten minutes at a time. Have your helper move about and try to follow them in the periphery. It takes time so don’t get upset if it takes a few months.
    Don’t wear the glasses in bright light or sunlight. This can really mess with your eyes.

  3. It might help to open your “Third Eye” (Brow Chakra). This is where it would start. You would need to read up on Chakras or speak with a good Metaphysical Instructor. By opening this up you can see a whole new world of things, not just Auras.
    Best of luck to you

  4. I actually just started to practice seeing auras. All you have to do is stare either just above or to the side of a persons head and you’ll catch a glimpse of it. That’s all I can do now but, supposedly with time I will begin to see them more clearly and the colors.

  5. i kind of found it by accident really but the way i do it is don’t focus in on the person look at them but kind of focus in behind them

  6. I’m blind, please explain to me how you see the color red, and what it means when you see it in the skins of other people.

  7. This exercise worked for me…
    1. draw any blinds or cuains against direct sunlight. Don’t be tempted to use candlelight, as the flickering of the flame may create distracting shadows.
    2. Ask a friend to sit in front of a plain, single colored wall preferably a neutral colored wall with no pictures or ornaments behind your friend as this will be distracting.
    3. Begin by looking at a space just to the side of your friend so that you can only see their physical body in your peripheral vision and allow your eyes soften their focus.
    4. Do not refocus your vision allow your focus to remain un focused.
    Please don’t be concerned if you don’t see anything the first time because like all new skills it has to be practiced so don’t tire yourself out. I would spend about 10 minutes a day practicing and you will begin to see a clear out line surrounding your friends body and eventually see colors.
    Have fun .
    The website below goes into more detail

  8. I have never heard of anyone learning to see auras, but I know it is a spirtual gift that people are born with. I can see peoples auras by what they are feeling. Every person does not have just one aura. It changes with what everyone is feeling, and everyone has different ones, eg. one of my friend’s nuetral colour is black, another’s is green.
    Hope I helped….


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