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Can an Incubus enter into someone's body in order to use them to get to others?

This is for something i’m working on. I’m not saying I believe in it.


  1. Only in the movies–or in weird Christian cults full of people given to histrionic psychogenic nonepileptic seizures who believe in that sort of thing.

  2. Incubus are evil male spirits that supposedly rape/seduce women, their female counterparts are succubus. Never heard of them being able to possess a person but then I’m no expert. Hope this helps some, alternatively you can research them on the web.

  3. Not according to most beliefs, no. The incubus can only attack the person, draining their energy, not use them to get to others. I don’t think they would need to use the person anyway, they can simply move from victim to victim as they need to.

  4. According to what legends say, no. It would have to be some other entity in order to do that. An incubus is in male form already.

  5. not if you don’t let them. You have to give them persmission in order for them to be able to. But giving them permission can be as simple as believing you are powerless to stop them, or allowing them to make you too afraid to make it leave. It’s as simple as demanding it to leave (in the name of Jesus Christ if you’re religious at all).

  6. An Incubus is the male version of an Succubus,
    Both sexes will apear as females as they encourage a male sleeper to ejaculate, they then collect this semen and inplant it in women when they apear to them in their sleep.
    This is how they procreate.
    This will start as a very pleasent sensation at first, but almost always involves the sleeper waking in terror at the moment of orgasm.
    So, your answer is ‘No’.


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