Home Discussion Forum Can an evangelical christian practice Yoga or Zen meditation?

Can an evangelical christian practice Yoga or Zen meditation?

Some christians argued with me that trying to empty your mind could be dangerous, since the devil could see it as an opportunity to “takeover”.
Yep, not making it up. I´ve really heard this. Then I was speechless.
“Meditation is perfectly acceptable. The deeper you meditate, the closer you connect with God…Fact…”
In fact, Zen meditation requires you to avoid any connection with anything.

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  1. More conservative Christians say no to Yoga and Zen. Moderate to liberal are ok with it for the most part.

  2. Well considering the bible says all other religions are made by Satan, and that yoga originated from Sikhism, I’d say no.
    (Although I’m a bit curious of why Satan would be teaching peace of mind and yoga.)

  3. Hello, Catholic here…
    … Some weirdo said the same thing to my aunt, once. We politely told her to shut up.
    1) Yoga is nothing more than exercise, just like martial arts… No devil there.
    2) Meditation is just that, meditation. It’s a method to relax and focus your mind. It’s an excellent alternative treatment for people under a lot of stress (like my aunt, per example). You’re not going to start worshiping idols with 40 arms or get possessed and start puking green pea soup.

  4. Of course you can practice it. Going zero-minded doesn’t mean getting rid of your soul. I heard that it’s not only permitted by the Christian faith if you incorporate worshiping Hindu idols like Shiva or Vishnu. Well that’s a different type of yoga already.

  5. The issue is that unless meditation leads one into the understanding that Jesus Christ is Lord and that He offered Himself up as a sacrifice on our behalf, ultimately there is nothing truly gained from meditation. Perhaps you will feel more peaceful or act more calmly, but in the end each person is still accountable to God for our actions, and absolution for sin is found solely in Christ.


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