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Can an emotionless person practise magick?

Is emotion necessary for the success of a working? I’m talking about Wicca and Satanic magick. Could a sociopath succeed in casting a spell? I’m not joking about this. I need to know.


  1. No one could succeed in casting a spell, it isn’t real.
    Don’t tell the sociopath that. Keep him/her busy, the less they actually interact with the unsuspecting public, the better.

  2. Well anyone can “practice magic.” Just say,”Double, double toil and trouble, etc.” Of course nothing will happen. If you believe some happens because of this, you are only deluding yourself.

  3. That entirely depends on your point of view. I am wiccan but do not believe in god/s/ess/essess. I draw my spells from my own energy. On the other hand some draw their power from deities and in that case I guess emotions don’t really come into play. As far as magic not being real, let success be your proof. )O(

    • I realize this is an old post, but I had to reply. As i am now dealing with a sociopath myself, who has claimed Pagan/Wicca. I am the same way when I cast my spells. I draw the energy from me, with the permission of God, being the only difference. Since I do believe in God and I don’t approve of going against someone’s will.

  4. A sociopath could succeed in magick. A sociopath lacks compassion, not emotion. They can get angry…. very angry.
    Someone who was incapable of emotion would have a hard time doing the type of magick that I do. I do not know of anyone who is truly emotionless, however… maybe stoic or hard to read, but not completely emotionless.
    Emotion, I’m told, is not a primary ingredient in ALL types of magick, however. Emotion is just one tool used to raise the energy of the intent.
    Personally, I think that a sociopath would have a hard time using magick to harm others since they would need to connect the intent with the “victim” and without any emotional connection to the victim, it would be hard to make that connection with the intent.

    • I agree with this. However, how successful would casting a spell on an sociopath be? Would it actually work? These are my questions that brought me here.

  5. i hate this world. what is new age spirituality? why do u want to do spell? if u harm another person u get bad karma and this is a magicky way. u have to be really pure to do spells naturally other than that humans do whatever they can do to be touch with their intuition. we have higher conciousness which is really wise but why are u emotionless? life’s complicated?

    • This reply of mine is particle toward your comment here. I have been studying and dabbling in Pagan/Wicca for nearly ten years. And in my studies and interaction with others, one of them made a point: “In order to heal other, you must harm”. Which makes a lot of sense, because of medical practice being performed in today’s hospital and such. However, it depends on the harm you cast upon others, that is the determining factor of what kind of karma you will get back.


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