Home Discussion Forum can an eclectic witch practice different types of magic and witchcraft?

can an eclectic witch practice different types of magic and witchcraft?

such as wiccan rituals, voodoo, etc?
When a person uses a voodoo spell, do they still cast a circle, and invoke the elements like in Wicca?


  1. NO, they don’t even exist. are you people delusional or something? you’ve got to be kidding me, that stuff is about as real as dolly partons hair : p and if you beleive in this crap then be my guest, just know that you are crazy.

  2. Yes. Eclectics are drawn to various things and will use those various things in ritual magick.
    I don’t know of anyone personally whom uses voodoo but I am sure that a Wiccan can incorporate it into a Wiccan rite. There are so many different paths of Wicca I would be surprised if someone wasn’t using voodoo.

  3. If you are wiccan, and you truly believe you can accomplish your magicks then you will…but remember, the 3 fold rule. Never use it with an impure heart and do not manipulate. Voodoo and wicca are very different and you may want to get your head clear before trying anything as it could bring unwelcomed results.

  4. First question – an eclectic witch can practice whatever she wants! That’s the upside to being eclectic!
    VooDoo is different from Wicca. I do not believe they cast circles in the same way Wiccans do, although they do acknowledge sacred space in a similar fashion. As for invoking the elements, most pagan traditions do this in some form, but those ways vary widely. Remember, as far as paganism goes, Wicca is pretty new, so a lot of it’s practices were taken from other pagan traditions and modified to fit Wicca. Please don’t take that to mean I think Wicca is some watered-down paganism or anything – that’s just how the evolution of religions works.

  5. Hi Captain Morgan
    As I just explained in another question, Voudou is a culturally specific religion based in Haiti.
    Read Maya Derns book, The Divine Horsemen for the best read about Voudou I have ever had.
    It is in no way similar to Western Mystery traditions, so put all ideas of circles, and quarters and elements out of your head – they are not used in Voudou.
    Voudou spells tend to the gruesome, and very direct. Quite a lot of hexing, so you need to be able to take responsibility for what you are doing. Are you ready to have a fresh ox tongue, graveyard dust, hot chilli peppers, blood and all sorts in your room to work a Voudou hex?
    There are some times when eclectic moves from the sweet and light and oh so pretty into the d*mn silly, and this is one of those moves.
    Likewise the mixing of deities from pantheons unless you know what you are doing. I have been to one open ritual run by XXXXXXX where they invoked Anubis and Venus on midsummer – up for a spot of obsessive necromancy anyone – honestly – it makes me so cross.
    Depends what you mean by different types of witchcraft? You CAN do it, but SHOULD you is what you should be asking yourself.
    A lot of witchcraft is tied up with attendant cultural and/or religious mores, and you can end up making a right mess of things (and your life) if you don’t do some serious study first.
    I know I sound all doom and gloom but some neo pagans and witches make me so cross – they blithely blunder around saying things like “oh I think I’ll invoke Pan tonight” Mercifully most of the time He has better things to do, but sometimes, well Pan has a sense of humour and have you ever wondered where the word PANIC comes from….
    Learn your stuff first in the natural magic of your own cultural background, and learn it well. DoCeremonial magic if that’s your thing but don’t dive in and out of magic traditions around the world willy nilly. THat is a fast way to get badly burned magically.
    You do not need to cast a sacred space to work a spell.

  6. pretty much, thats the whole poitn in beign eclectic, you are who you are, and who you want to be, we dont all fit into lovely neat boxes with bows on top, we are complicated, strange, and diverse
    i dont know the rules of voodoo, buti woudl imagine they are similar

  7. Voodoo and Wicca are two different things, and have different ways of doing ritual. An eclectic witch doesn’t necessarily have to do things the Wiccan way. Not all witches are Wiccans. People, all people, not just eclectic witches, can blend traditions if they want, but there is no promise that how they do it will have good effects.


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