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Can American cars compete with the Japanese?

I hear the quality of Amerrican cars is getting better. I am in the market to buy a family car and my favorites are Honda Accord, Toyota Camary, and Saturn Aura. I really like the Saturn, but worry about quality. I want to know what people think. Thanks.


  1. The quality is very good now. the only thing i have an issue is on the design of compact cars. although the aura is very nice design as oppose to the ford five hundred now the Taurus.

  2. it will be awhile until american will go head to head with asian cars. people buy american made to make themselves feel better. smart people but asian. personally i would go with the honda

  3. I think you should buy a japanese car because it consumes less fuel and saves alot of money . American cars are harder to maintain , they consume alot of fuel and can easily get spoilt.

  4. What do you like? That is all it matters, as far a Quality goes every vehicle has it’s ups and downs just that some hide it better than others thats all. However as consumers become more educated is becoming harder and harder for manufacturers to hide quality problems, so if you are in the market for a vehicle research all of the ones you are interested in. Not simply by using the internet but go out there drive them compare the engines, and most of all the Warranties if a manufacturer is not willing to back their product that should tell you a thing or two. For years people talk about BMW’s as been this elite vehicle sure it was true when they only made a hand full at a time, but as they began mass production their warranty mysteriously became 48,000miles or 80,000km 3 years though it says unlimited km but is kind of a miss interpretation of what you and I consider unlimited, as this refers to road side assistance.

  5. Have you gone to the autos section of yahoo ( http://autos.yahoo.com/ )?
    There is an option there to compare cars. One of the more interesting portions of the comparison is cost of ownership. There is also the evaluation of repair reports.
    As for the “Buy American” argument, several of the cars on your list are built in the US, using parts made in the US. So the point becomes blurred.
    I don’t worry about the quality of the Saturn, I don’t think it has enough to even say it has any.

  6. U.S. cars,90% chinese parts,and assembled in Mexico.Buy American,Honda,Toyota,Mercedes M class,built here,not in Mexico.

  7. The Saturn Aura is the best of the ones listed. Though the Honda and Toy drive like being in a frig void of cool more like appliance they have better resale value.

  8. I would sugest european car. They are comfortable, their fuel economy is good, they are reliable and their interiors are designed for western human dimentions, unlike asian cars.

  9. I’ve driven both American made and Japanese made. Yes, I would prefer buying American, but in my experience the cars made by Japanese companies have outperformed any of my American-made cars. As a single parent, I need good gas mileage and a car I can depend on for a length of time. After doing much research, just like you’re doing, I bought a new Subaru. That was nearly 8 years ago. With only routine maintenance and over 130,000 miles, I’m still driving it. It still runs and looks great. I was so pleased that I bought another used one for a second family car. It’s a 1999 again with over 100,000 miles, and it runs and looks great. I know Subaru wasn’t one you were asking about, but I still thought I’d share my experience with American vs. Japanese. As one other person here said too, you have to keep in mind that many of the cars made by Japanese companies are actually made here in the USA. There are several Toyota plants in my area, and they employ many Americans. Yes, I understand and appreciate the argument that the money flows back out of the country. But I have to buy smart and safe for my family, and unlike with my previous three cars made by American companies, I have never found myself stranded by the edge of the road in my Subaru.

  10. you must have a small family to consider the cars listed. having owned 36 cars of makes and models each has its own plus and minus so make your choice based on what you like not on someone elses opinion. care and maintenance are the secret to car life. for a family car, the first concern would be safety and a small car is at greater risk.

  11. All these answers above, with Japanese and European cars built here, U.S. cars built in Mexico and other places are true. The build quality of U.S.cars is getting a hell of a lot better, but still not up to the best Japanese standard, thanks to the UAW.
    The Saturn Aura has gotten great reviews, and it is really a SAAB, built in Europe. That’d be for me…

  12. The question should be can Japanese cars compete with American. Japanese cars are going down hill fast, so bad that CNBC had a big story on it saying Buyer beware, those imports are not as reliable as people thought, and rated Ford better quality, and more reliable. The Ford Fusion beat the toyota and honda in a consumer test called the Ford challenge. I suggest you take the Ford challenge and see for yourself. Some of domestic parts may be overseas, but they are still American designed and American funded. Why is everyone complaining about some parts made in japan when their favorite import gocarts are made in the same place with the same parts manufacturer?

  13. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zJI71XNi0-Q&eurl=http://fastlane.gmblogs.com/
    Go to the dealership and see this, and you will never have any second thoughts on the quality of this car.
    General Motors and Ford have been vastly improving lately, whereas Toyota’s quality ratings are slipping.
    Go see the new Malibu.
    Then go see a 2008 Accord and Camry and tell me which of the three has better build quality.
    I already have, and I know the answer!
    By the way, I do not appreciate Toyota, Honda, etc. wrapping themselves up in the American flag. These are not American companies. I do not care where what car was built, the profits are all going straight to Japan and decreasing US dollar value. Think before you speak….

  14. No. Japaneese cars are a lot better than American cars without a comparison. The best choice would be to go with the Toyota Camry.


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