Can a witch hep me find my soulmate?

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I don’t have a lot of money to spend on getting professional spells cast, but I truly want to find my soul-mate; not just some weekend fling. I’m a Christian, but I believe in Witch craft. I’d really love it if someone could help me.

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No, but a witch can help steal your money.

Tori H

if u r going to a which i do not consider you a christian ask God to help you find the man waiting for you and it never hurts to ask for God to protect him and keep him clean and safe. but going to a which will be disastrous in the future and she will always want more than your money. Which craft is real but that doesn’t make it right or safe so you will find “Mr. Right” one day.


Kel, You have to be careful as to what you ask for, for you just might get it… But first Kel please tell me how old are you….. I can be reached at…. And this way our conversation becomes private………………..


No. Love spells = bad.

Eric S

Only if she was by your side 24/7,
besides , a girl is going be looking
at you and your personality,not
listening to some crackpot dressed
in black.if you need the help of a
so called witch,then you must have
an inferiority complex. do your own
looking,your day will come. hang


I don’t think anyone can find your soulmate except you. It may take a while, or a long long time, or maybe tomorrow, but you’ll find them. A witch would probably just make someone feel strongly about you with a love spell.

Kayleen B

Ah, I’m sorry girly. Maybe you can fall in love with a guy who actually won’t leave you in the end, but the chances of you actually finding your soulmate are slim to nothing, and I’m not exagerating. There’s a chance your soulmate hasn’t been born yet, there’s a chance he/she is already dead, and there’s the chance they’re half-way across the world. Please be happy with anyone you can find who loves you.
Besides, no witch can just give you a name and location. Withcraft doesn’t work that way.


I’m not sure if you could or couldn’t find your soul mate with a witch’s help, but I think that you need to find your soul mate yourself. Magick always has unintended consequences, too. Finding your soul mate the normal way will be harder, but I honestly believe that you’ll find it worth it. Be patient and keep looking.

kymm r

You can’t be christian and accept the parameters of witchcraft as there is a completely different belief system.

Master of the Dark Covenant

I could help you, I know just what you need. Why don’t you email me and tell me more about yourself and situation, also include a picture so I can get an impression off of it. And, please, stay away from those websites, they are a rip off.


Don’t be scammed by spell caster, the only place I newly discovered a genuine and powerful spell caster is Africa Mozambique the name of this Energetic Occult Institute they know all kind of spells contact them by email:
Good luck


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