Home Discussion Forum can a witch do different kinds of magic on a witchcraft altar?

can a witch do different kinds of magic on a witchcraft altar?

for example, if a witch (non-wiccan) wanted to do a voodoo ritual from a book to heal (or harm) someone, could they use their altar to cast that voodoo spell? This is just my guess, but i assumed that magic was magic, regardless of what culture it may have come from.


  1. Yes. Magick is as strong as the energies within the spellcaster. The altar more or less symbolizes certain things for the spellcaster that triggers the sense of raising the energy.

  2. No one can do any magic anywhere. you must be under the influence of a controlled substance to think someone can. Enjoy 🙂

  3. A every day kitchen witch can’t work Vodoo. For someone to work a Voodoo ritual they have to be devoted to that religion. I witch can cast dark spells as well as good spells but most won’t because it is against the laws of Karma.
    It is not uncommon for a witch to place curses on objects so if they are stolen the thief will pay the price. Most even have house blessings designed to protect there home from thieves and other harm.
    Such as Blessed be all who enter Enter in love and respect Let no harm or dark energy pass through my door and let nothing leave this place without it be given in love and respect

  4. Non Wiccans wouldn’t necessarily have an altar. An altar is a place of worship. You do not need one of these to be a witch.
    Voudoun is a religious path – and its magical practices are integral to the faith. They aren’t for the faint hearted either – a spell I know from a serviteur involves an ox tongue (fresh), hot chilli peppers and a long needle. Blood, graveyard dust and tobacco are other ingredients that are used in other workings — just to give you an idea. It is a very alien, and very culturally specific religion – I only know 3 European serviteurs (one is a houngan) and one of them wants to go to Haiti to become a mambo. It’s serious sh*t.
    A voudou serviteur (servant of the loa) would have an altar – it holds candles, statues, and offerings to the loa – these can be food, drink, cigars, perfumes – it all depends on the loa being propitiated and invited to “ride” the serviteur.
    The magical or hexing work isn’t done on the altar, and might not be done at the time of worship of the relevant loa.
    Magic is magic yes, there are just different forms of it around the world depending on culture.
    If you want to know more about Haitian Voudou, may I suggest you read Maya Dern’s book, the Divine Horsemen,
    Voudou is a very specific path, and if you start to deal with the loa, you must keep it up, it isn’t a light hearted thing to pick up and put down like western “natural” magic with herbs and stones, it is a religious path, and not one that mixes well with anything fromthe ceremonial magical path, let alone Wicca. This is one case where eclectisism is NOT a good idea. I really do know what I am talking about here, do not mess with the loa…..!*
    Remember – altar – place of worship.
    Workings can be done anywhere – though a lot of neo-pagans do their work in a sacred space.
    People who have a neo-pagan faith MAY do work on their altars, but in Wicca, (initiatory coven based Wicca) not normally, that is not its purpose.
    Hope this helps

  5. answer: I must correct Halcon – many pagan religions have an altar. In Heathenism it’s called a stalli or harrow. Hellenists, Roman recons, Slavs, Baltics, Finnish – all have altars as part of their religious practices.
    answer: magic is magic. That said, most pagans find that their energies mesh better with the pantheon and pagan religious practices. Some pagans try to mix pantheons and magical workings. I personally didn’t see that working very often and many pagans find it a source of irritation.
    For example, Heathens either roll their eyes or are slightly irritated when non-Heathens attempt to do seidhr or use rune magic.

  6. Yes. As a matter of fact, some people believe that witchcraft and magic are two different things. There are some people who see witchcraft as black or low magic, and ceremonial magic as white or high magic. But many people who practice witchcraft prefer the terms Earth Magic and Ceremonial Magic. So, overall, yes, an altar can be used for various forms of rituals.


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