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Can a used item really carry a bad energy?

I like to shop at Goodwill and buy things on e-bay. However, I have always wondered if a used item can carry a bad energy.
For instance, lets say the person that wore the shirt I am now buying was a horrible person, can that energy be carried along with the shirt I am now wearing??


  1. I believe that it can, but there are ways around it.
    I also shop at goodwill. I often make a habit of cleansing items I buy of negative energy, just in case.

  2. Yes, but it’s usually not serious. Clothing is unlikely to hold too much negative energy. Jewelry seems to be able to build up more of the personality of its owner.
    If you run into something that really gives you an inexplicable creepy or depressing feeling, you can usually “cleanse” it with “white light.” You could also try holy water. I have heard of someone taking such items and attaching them to a vertically-standing wooden rod (like a broom handle) that has cotton string wound spirally around it, and leaving it that way for several days until the negativity “drains” out. I don’t know how well that latter one works; it might be BS.

  3. Some things you can just hold and feel the negative energy in them. I usually cleanse items with sage smudging, or a soak in a mugwort infusion.


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