Can a Tai Chi master defeat any MMA fighter?

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My friend says his 70 year old martial arts master can.The master states that Tai Chi was developed to kill your opponent by any means necessary and without the use of weapons.MMA has rules therfore the master is hampered in his combat abilities..Has anyone witnessed a fight such as the one described here?

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mma fighters are mixed martial artists, meaning they’ve studied more than one fighting style. i’d say no.

Vincent G

neo has it, if that tai chi master where to get into the ring, suddently they are both in an MMA setting, and both MMA fighters.


I think there’s way too much focus on defeating opponents.
People seem to forget the UFC is a sport. A combat sport, for sure, but still a sport.
Think of martial arts as a big city. MMA would take up a couple of blocks. There is much more to be explored.
And I doubt a legitimate master would say something like that. They usually pick up wisdom and discretion along the way.

Right here, lmfao’d a couple of years ago when i saw this.
So in summation No.
Could he beat a few? Probably.
Could he beat most? Doubtful.
Could he beat all? Impossible.


no, tai chi is slow, and its meant to connect with your inner chi. it would never be effective in combat. mma fighters train long and hard, FOR fighting. tai chi doesn’t, its not ment for fighting.
would a soft pillow kill someone better then a sword?


yeah they could. then again a 70yr old man would probably be destroyed if he took a punch from most of the UFC fighters for instance.
but i know some tai chi uses weapons
anyone who says no chance at all because its all slow has no idea at all about tai chi.


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