Sunday, September 26, 2021

Can a subliminal message from a song in other language affect me in the same way a english language song does?

An example: If I’m listening a heavy metal song and it has subliminal messages in Japanese, and I don’t know how to speak, read or write Japanese, It could affect me in the same way an English language song does?


  1. No – because in order for a subliminal message to work, your brain must be able to understand the message. If it is given in a language you do not comprehend, it will just seem like background noise.

  2. Not unless you understand the foreign language.
    For instance, do you understand this message?
    может язык затрагивать меня
    You will if you understand Russian.
    (Don’t worry, it’s not rude!)

  3. You’d have to believe in subliminal messages first. If you can’t hear it, then how does your brain pick it up? Backmasking is cool, yeah…but I doubt it’d even affect you if you did understand Japanese. What’re you listening to, anway? I know a japanese metal band called Sigh, supposedly they use subliminal messages and a “sonic weapon” in their music, designed to make you go deaf. Obviously not true, because I haven’t killed myself or gone deaf….


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