Can a solitary witch be a priestess or priest?

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Or only those who are in covens? I’ve heard people say “every solitary witch is a priest/ess” but that sounds kind of strange…
🙂 Thank you.

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A solitary Witch is a priest/ess (depending on their gender) of their own solitary “coven”. During Ritual, when invoking the God/dess, they take on the persona of that deity.

Wiccan Witch

In Wiccan you can be a Priest or Priestess in either a coven or by solitary.
I have been a solitary Wiccan WItch for 29 years and may be joining a local Coven next year, but if I do I will lose my rank and start at the bottom. The Priest and/or Priestess is the leaders of the Coven and have the most time in that Coven.

Nightwind: Mwa ha ha!

There is the notion that all Wiccans are priests/priestesses. Personally, I find that unhelpful. What do you mean by priest? The usual answer I see is “I deal with my gods directly without needing anyone else.” Ok, fine. That’s not the definition of priest. Lots of people in the world deal with their gods directly that are not priests.
Priesthood is a community role. As a solitary, you’re serving a community of one. If you feel “priest/ess” is a suitable term for yourself between you and your gods, that’s certainly the business of only you and your gods. But running around telling people you’re a priest is pointless.


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