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Can a qualified person please define in brief, laymans terms what taoism, buddhism, hinduism and jainism share?

what are their beliefs? what do they have in common? what is most rational in your opinion. are they atheistic religions?
what religion has the hare krishna


  1. I know that buddhism is an atheistic religion. Taoism can also be an atheistic religion. Hinduism is a theistic religion. I’m not sure about jainism.

  2. They all believe in non violence and non conversion by force.
    They are all both atheistic and theistic and give you the choice to choose what part of them you like.
    Taosim and Jainism ae not as popular as the other 2.

  3. cults that deny the Trinity…google this
    kingdom of the cults…
    yes they are

  4. Taoism and buddhism can both be athiestic religions
    Hinduism and Jainism are alike in the sense they come from ancient india and believe in some sort of higher being
    Also to people who are unfamiliar with Jainism:
    Jainism is a very unknown religion that promises to kill nothing. Jain monks and devotees go so far as to bringing brooms outside to brush insects from there path and wear strainers over there mouths to keep for breathing in or drinking insects.
    It is a beautiful religion
    EDIT- if fireball weren’t such a narrow minded person she’d realize that a cult is small and these have about…i dont know just a couple million followers
    EDIT: And to finish my answer, I believe they are all rational.
    EDIT: HAre Krishna’s are members of ISKON and are devotees of lord Krishna who is the 8th avatar (reincarnation) of Vishnu

  5. The most important trait they share is all of them value kindness and teach to avoid doing harm to others.
    Buddhism is a religion based on the teachings of Gautama (The Buddha) who claims to have become enlightened through meditation. They view life as suffering. The point of Buddhism is to lose one’s attachments and to overcome suffering.
    Taoism is a mystical belief founded by Lao Tseu (I think – it might be older than his writings. If somebody knows, please correct me). It is a mystical doctrine based on the idea that the Tao is the main force in the Universe. The Tao is unfathomable and infinitely subtle, yet is the one force that regulates the whole Universe. Yin and Yan are Taoist ideas. If you know about Star Wars, you already know about Tao, because George Lucas was inspired by the idea to talk about the force. But of course, Star Wars is science fiction, so don’t take everything in there literally. It’s just to give you an idea.
    Hinduism is the main religion of India. It is the oldest surviving faith today. Although Hindus worship many Gods, they believe these are all in reality emanations of the one Brahman. It is a very diverse religion and it is hard to paint a complete picture of it. But basically, God, the Brahman, is everything and everything is bound to return to it eventually.
    Jainism is the less practised of those faiths. The Jain vow to harm nothing. They take this to extremes that often puzzle outsiders. They may sweep the floor in front of them, to avoid stepping on bugs. They don’t even become craftsmen, for fear of harming inanimate objects, like metal. Most often, they become merchants, and have been very successful at it.
    Buddhists and Taoists are often said to be atheists (Not sure about the Jain), but they are not atheists in the western sense. They do believe the universe is ordained in a way that goes beyond normal human understanding. They just don’t believe in a God that dictates things to humanity.

  6. the largest thing they have in common is that they are all salvationist religeons. That is, they all beleive that the human race is damned and wretched, and needs to be saved. Also, they are all a product of large scale agriculture.
    and if fireball wasn’t such a hypocrit she’ll realize that a cult is a group people who gather around and follow the teachings of a charismatic guru. In other words, Christiananity is a cult so shove that up some place.


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