First off, don’t bother answering this question if you do not believe in this area. You’ll be wasting your time and mine.
Anyway, I think I’m some sort of medium. I can sense auras around me sometimes, if I concentrate. The easiest to sense is my own, which comes to me as a deep purple. I can usually sense people’s moods. I don’t know why, but I have a habit of picturing a green, misty aura leaving me and touching or entering other people. I like to think that I am calming others around me or healing them, but I can’t be sure if that’s what I am doing.
I really think that I can advance somehow, but I feel trapped. It feels like I’m trapped in a little box. It feels like something is trying to protect me by limiting my medium powers, and that is very very frustrating for me. I really, seriously need help from another psychic or medium???


  1. If you were a medium, you would know and would not have to ask. So what is your question exactly? How can a psychic or medium help you? Sensing people’s moods i snot paranormal or psychic related. If you live long enough and just watch and observe people you can usually tell their moods without too much problem.

  2. Yeah, I have something like that too. I kind of wanted the explanation to be all cool; but it’s actually kind of a let down. What you’re feeling is called skin, and you ARE trapped in by it, fortunately.

  3. We are all born with intuition. Every one of us. You are likely picking up on other people’s emotions and you could definitely see energy. However, that doesn’t give us the gift of mediumship which is speaking with the dead. You are probably “sensitive” which means you are sensitive to you’re surroundings and with energy. Meditation and quite introspection can assist you in understanding this.

  4. The purple and green dynamic as you outpicture it may indicate you’re dealing with both personal motivation issues, and opposition, both at a comparatively advanced level.
    Therefore, would suggest you read “Everything Is Energy: New Ways to Heal Body, Mind and Spirit,” Marilyn Barrick.
    “Man’s Psychic Life: Elements and Structures,” O. M. Aivanhov, and
    “Ethical ESP,” Ann Ree Colton, also good.
    Reviews at

  5. If you get the “gut feeling” here that you are being limited or contained at the level or plateau that you now are at, then there must be a solid reason for this happening. I would suggest to start there and evaluate what reason or reasons there would be for this to be occurring. Try to be as impartial and objective as possible, even to the point of critiquing your own efforts and motivations. Try to ask yourself “why do I want to have these abilities”, and “what do I plan to do with these abilities over the next ..say five to ten years from now. “How do I see myself with these abilities long term”, in other words. Motive (intention), maturity, and ethics, are the important evaluation points that Spirit Guides consider. Self-examining your own wants and needs will at least give you a closer perspective of why you are at this blockage point from progressing further. The average psychic progresses at what I would call “plateaus” or levels of attainment, and remain at these levels for a while till their Spirit Guides and Angels feel they are worthy of progressing to the next degree. One can stay quite a long time at just one level, too, so don’t be so hard on yourself. One last point: the Id, (Ego), must be released and brought out of the picture with ones psychic endeavors, otherwise the psychic could have their abilities either remain at a lower attainment point or even lessen with the abilities. The cycle of lessons, testing and evaluation done by Spirit Guides never ends either, even when a psychic reaches the higher levels. Just like the police have their “Internal Affairs Department” governing and monitoring the police officers, a similar program is established in the Spirit Realm regulating and monitoring psychics, whether they realize this or not.

  6. “I feel trapped. It feels like I’m trapped in a little box.”
    “I really think that I can advance somehow, but I feel trapped.”
    “that is very very frustrating for me.”
    Yep and here is where you are trapped
    “don’t bother answering this question if you do not believe in this area.”
    Trapped – with your closed mind not wanting to hear any answers that disagree with you – why not read alternate ideas? are you own ideas so fragile, false and flimsy that they don’t bear scrutiny?

  7. You need to learn how to protect yourself first. Learn how to project the engery and be able to have it all come back. Meditate see what happens when u go into a deep rest my gift is always more powerfull when my mind is at deep rest. But like the other lady said becareful of what you do cause sometimes u can open up things you didnt want to know or see.

  8. Okay, assuming you do have a gift, take the hint and stop trying to push yourself. Express the desire to grow beyond where you are, which you have, and let it go. You’ll grow when you need to grow. If you push, then you’ll end in a place, surrounded by things you can’t handle. You’re being taken at a rate that’s right for you, but the truth is, what we aren’t always our best judges. I wasn’t aware of how far I’d pushed myself until stuff showed in my house that I couldn’t handle on my own. Take it from someone’s whose been there–don’t push. Let it happen naturally.. And if it’s meant to happen, it WILL happen. Trust the process.

  9. we all have the power within us to enter that realm but I advise caution it is very subjective and most people will not understand to healing people should be the goal and they do not need to know don’t do it to promote you self truest me in this.

  10. You do not need to turn to other humans my dear sister, you need to turn to Allah.
    Your powers are constrained and for good reason. You do not yet know how to discipline yourself from projecting onto others too much energy. Healing energy is good, but if you project negative energy, you could harm people.
    You also do not want to unfairly use the energy to manipulate situations or take advantage. A person with your spiritual strenght will also attract paramours, you must be able to resist them and say no. God will punish you if you mis-use the gifts given to you.
    Turn to meditation, prayer, and reading the holy books to calm your inner soul and become closer to God. If you can discipline yourself to not lash out at others even when they are greatly annoying you, you will then find the restriction on your energy being lifted.
    Sorry, it is not like the fiction books and movies, there is no school to send you to. You have to discipline yourself on your own and grow closer to God, then God will allow you greater use of your super power.
    And by the way, congratulations.

  11. Hi there
    I think i can see what you are saying.My abilities sarted coming to me 2 years ago but what i have noticed is…they dnt just come all at once..they appear very very slow and i have to work out somehow how to use them n how not to abuse them..VERY IMPORTANT.The things that are unclear for you now,will become more understandable in future,everything takes time and everything happens at certain time for a reason.Do not try to overcontrol the situation…your abilities will come through more eventually…Just try to research or read some literature to understand more about what is happening to you..or watch some videos on youtube

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