can a psychic vampire attack from a different city?

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No you wingnut, it’d need to be a telekinetic Vampire.


yes yes yes
and fairies live in your garden and the world will end on 2012 and 9/11 was a conspiracy by the Bush and Bin Laden families and blah blah woo woo whackaloon crap


Like one would attack from the same city. Come on now.

Radical Centrist

A psychic vampire is someone who’s emotionally draining.

ktron - atheiti's DD

Magic isn’t real.


Only if it’s a lvl 50 or higher

†Exodus â€

This is why I would never allow my children to read fantasy books.

Vampurr Kitteh

A whatz?


I just can’t stop laughing.
Thank you so much for the laugh of my day!
Psychic vampire…lol.
Attack from a different city?…lmao!
Ok ok…wipes tears from eyes. Doesn’t physic mean predicting the future or seeing the past? How could a vampire attack with this ability?
Got to go another fit of laughter is upon me I just can’t do it!!!


Unless they can astral feed and find you that way, I think not. Most that I have heard from say their limit is affecting someone in the next room.


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