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Can a psychic, medium or clairvoyant help ? Will my boyfriend repay the money he stole from me ?

Last Night $100 mysteriously disappeared from my purse. I know my boyfriend stole it. I haven’t heard from him since yesterday. I want to break up with him because that’s the best decision. Should I act like nothing happened ? Or should I confront him? Or should I just ask if he stole it ? And will I hear from him soon ?
My Birthday is March 26,1982


  1. Confront him, & tell him you are reporting it to the police, unless you get your money back.& it will cost him more than that to get out of jail. See if he gives it to you, & if he doesn’t report it stolen, & Let them know you are sure he did it. Then dump the thief! I am not a physic, but I despise a thief^

  2. Ah yes. 26 March 1982. You don’t need to give the time, because
    there is one born every minute. No. You won’t hear from him again,
    you are dating “Hundred dollar Bill”. If you talk to his former girlfriends,
    they will tell you he did the same thing to them.
    Contacting the police is out because they will just hate you for wasting
    their time, because you have no evidence.
    If on the ulikely chance he pretends nothing is a matter, you should
    do the same and set up the same situation, but have a hidden
    video camera set up. Should he take the bait, then you can go
    to the police.
    Also, while it is tempting, don’t think that you can make the money
    back by “turning pro” (yes, I know that is what you were thinking).

  3. ((((HUGS))))) hon. you are a tough situation. A psychic can’t help you with this, this is a decision you have to make for yourself. Look into your heart and do what you know is right. The boyfriend… ditch him, period, but yes, personally I WOULD confront, but truth is, you may not get the truth from him if he’s the sort who would steal from his pregnant girlfriend.
    peace and love to you. You know, if push comes to shove, you could always try a catholic church, Catholic Charities I believe they’re called… they’re known to help with rent and even give you food. My mom’s gone their a few times for help with her rent. Look up the number of a catholic church in your area and give them a call.


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