• Everything channels God! In fact, if God were to stop being channeled through everything, I’m not sure I would exist…

    To me, it’s not a question of who can perceivably channel the “voice of God” thru their mouths… or who’s words are closer to God’s… etc etc etc… It’s about hearing all the words, spoken or unspoken throughout this world, and truly listening to them…

    And… if you run out of things to listen to, outside of yourself… I’ve been told that the best words come from within yourself! And, it was the person, within myself, that told me this that I believe is the closest thing to God than anything else I have ever listened to.


  • When God lives in each one of us, how difficult can channeling His energies, or His voice be? We all can channel Him all the time anyways, knowingly unknowingly – Each time we feel joy or ecstatic happiness or in our moment of great inspiration, as God is all that.

  • The only time a psychic medium can “channel” God is when God shows them the way to Him.

    It doesn’t happen any other way!

    No one goes to the Father except by Jesus Christ whom is the Image of God.

  • Many of his celestial hosts are being heard through people around the globe. It seems to be happening in great numbers, not only by ‘psychic mediums’ but average folk. It is not such a stretch to think that the human brain acts as a transmitter, receiver, and if we even half way believe in the possibility of Angels, then we might be able to think they would try and communicate with us.

  • not directly no
    as someone mentioned … we speak with those on closer realms to us
    however … from what I understand there is a workforce in spirit
    and things are handed down
    there is an order to things….

    let me explain a little

    if I were to contact one of your loved ones , they will be on a very similar realm to this one
    they work on a similar frequency , although a little higher
    it doesn’t take much for them to lower theirs and for us to raise ours
    now to get in touch with guides , requires a little more work on both our part and theirs
    we must raise a little higher and they must work to lower a little more
    spirit do not like to lower to a frequency much below their own
    as this world is dense and dark in comparison
    so a higher guide still would perhaps work through a medium in spirit who works through a medium here …
    kind of like telephone operators connecting people at long distance … it may take a few connections to make that link

    so to channel God directly would be an impossible task …
    unless of course the God energy makes it so , i am sure he/she knows how to get round the system lol
    but I do like the way some have worded it , in that we are each part of God and channel God in that sense

    ( sorry to prattle on so lol )

  • Yes. If we are all a piece of God, we all channel God on a daily basis. A medium channels other pieces of God all of the time. Two or three together? There is always strength in masses. It is all about the Tao, the Oneness of Us All. We are the One.

    (((Coyote))) — “The One who is Two was the plan!”

    EDIT: I must add that God is beyond any concept of vibration or frequency. We are talking about the All That Is here, the Source of this Universe. Channeling is a form of telepathy. When God chooses to speak through someone it does not matter their vibration or frequency. He makes the choice and does it. No raising, no lowering, just communicating. (((hugs)))

  • Oh yes…and mystics as well…..

    what is God really one must ask…..are we not a direct reference of this Oneness, simply waiting to be revealed???

  • Perhaps because I connect with God as easily as I do with any other, I assume that all can do it also. I see no reason why they should not be able to. It is as simple as believing that God hears and responds if we are listening. It may be that this is an exclusive gift but I believe it can be used by a child as easily as by me. How do I know that it is ‘God’? It is a matter of ultimate faith and understanding. Why doubt your ability to communicate directly with him?

  • An interestingly phrased question, Sunman! It puts me in mind of priests and their role in many religions. Some religions absolutely require their appointed “mediums” to intercede with God on the behalf of the common man. Personally, I agree with those who say the person may interact directly with whatever God or Force he or she perceives in philosophy. At some point, there must be a direct line or it is simply the following of a charismatic leader or leaders, Man following Man, mankind chasing its own tail.

    Notice how those who claim to have contacted God or are seen to have contacted God in the eyes of others are often flocked to by the followers? People are eager to follow something. The psychic medium may play on this just as the priest might.

    When two or three work together, it becomes more powerful as the energy and insight is shared and built upon. Just as I was always told in my Pentecostal youth, “wherever two or three are gathered in My name, there I will be.” But is this actually God, or is it a folie a deux (or folie a trois?) When that two or three condense to thousands, religious movements are born and the original message or communication with the divine is inevitably distorted. No pure idea or experience will survive translation into the mass in its original state. Thanks for listening, and cheers!

  • A Christian filled with the Holy spirit has the indwelling of God. Greater is he who is in you than he who is in the world.I believe that is the Holy spirit. Psychics and mediums are possessed by earthly spirits. Divination and sorcery are strictly forbidden by the Bible and lead people back into bondage to evil. Deuteronomy strictly forbids these practices and warns those that due such things will be punished saverally.

  • I would think that God can channel through whomever He wants. My faith is that God communicates with Mankind via the Holy Spirit and that the languages of man are no barrier for the language of the power in the beauty of the Holy Spirit.

    God be praised!


  • Anyone can “channel” God no matter what their religion. God dwells within the believer as a very real presence and is active in every aspect of our lives. If we allow Him/Her to be, that is.

    Every time we pray we tune in to the channel that God is broadcasting on!……Blessings!

  • Why would you think that?

    God is there to hear us, why would one need a so called psychic? All we have to do is talk to God. Most people are so busy, they do not take time, to sit quietly and talk to God. Sometimes it seems God doesn’t talk to us spiritually, because we do not take time out from our busy schedules. Meditation is a time to connect with Him. All He wants is your love and acceptance, and He does so much for us, yet…what have we done for Him lately. Forget the psychics, channel your spirit and your heart to God, He waits to hear from you 24/7.

  • Isn’t that what Moses and them used to do?

    “I went to the mountain and God told me to tell you that he’s mad. He also told me to carve these 10 commandments. Then he told me to tell you all to listen to me because I’m in charge.”


  • mediums claim to be able to contact lower astral beings…God incorporates everything so you couldn’t channel him in any real sense, but maybe one of his qualities.

  • Psychic mediums are great social psychologists. They play on people`s need to believe. God does not exist.

    Is the answer self explanatory?

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