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Can a phone psychic read the same as a psychic in person?

I have heard that psychics can tap into yourself over the phone as well as in person. I find that hard to believe. Doesn’t a psychic have to see the angels, and energy, and the aura? I am confused about this. I really need a psychic, but I am unsure about using the internet…


  1. no neither one can, all that they do is listen for inflections in your voice or your body language
    they could be way off and if you sound excited or nervous they will keep on that path, if you sound bored or uninterested, they will try something else

  2. Psychics and mediums are a touchy subject.
    I personally don’t believe in them because I’ve seen some of the ways people do it. Reading blanket statements to their customers and leaving them to figure out the relevance to them.
    Maybe these psychic people need these gimmicks like a picture of you to keep up the facade and expel scepticism.
    Then again over the phone is just another way to get people to pay for these so called services.

  3. i think a psychic needs to see the person itself to be more effective.although he can use numerology by asking some questions through the phone.He still needs to see the physical feature of the person as well as his palm in reading palmistry.

  4. They can but I think they get more info in person b/c auras. Then again if you are really good I guess it doesn’t matter.

  5. Well, you’re right to be wary, there are so many fakers these days. But yes, it is possible. I’ve got friends I’ve only ever met on the internet who can describe my house, tell me what I’m wearing for the day, and have called on days when I wasn’t feeling so good to ask if I was all right, cause they were unusually worried about me for unknown reasons. My point being, there are people out there who can do this.

  6. i would think seeing someone in person would be better. But you must be careful who you go to see. Some are just out there to get money and some believe they have an actual gift. I feel like over the phone is really unprofessional and somehow more likely to be phony.

  7. Yes, a psychic can read from anywhere, no matter where you are. Distance has no effect whatsoever. Energy is all-pervasive and can traverse great distances. Even science can explain this in the context of entangled particles, but that is only scratching the surface of what they have found in science. We don’t need to see an aura; we can read energy clairvoyantly over a distance. So, yes, you can have a reading from a psychic over the phone. A good reading can be very revealing and quite interesting. Some of my clients get a little spooked because they feel the energy as I begin to read for them. But this is normal to me, as I expand my own energy to access Higher Knowledge and to read their energy. However, be careful with your selection; make sure that you have a reputable psychic. You’d be surprised at some of these big, commercial places and who they hire.


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