Home Discussion Forum Can a phone line tarot tell you how someone else is feeling?

Can a phone line tarot tell you how someone else is feeling?

Or can they only get close to you?Some readers say they cant see a third person’s emotion, others will tell you exactly what you ask about another person.


  1. I did a reading for you. You will meet a small man with an umbrella. Yellow is dangerous for you on Tuesdays. Mars is about to cusp with your Venus and cause minor itching.

  2. I think you hit on part of it yourself — some readers can’t see a third person’s emotions; they just seem to need a contact link in order to receive anything relevant in the cards, I guess. I have also met readers who simply refuse to read about a third person because they consider it an invasion of privacy.
    But that said, I’d expect that the type who can give legit readings over the phone should be *capable* of picking up on a third person’s situation, since obviously they don’t need a physical link with the person they read for. But, a lot of phonelines that sell “psychic readings” really just hire any old person willing to do the work, whether or not they claim to have any fortune telling or psychic skills.

  3. Hello
    Performing a reading by phone is the same as face to face – energy is energy.
    If a link is created then information is as accurate as any other means.
    see profile 🙂


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