Can a persons aura be used for diagnosis/healing?

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I hear a lot about “life force energy”
I’m open to non-traditional ideas

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Yes and since it is a big subject, it is difficult to explain here. Visit and and similar energy healing groups / sites.
Email me with your email address and I will send you a .ppt presentation on Reiki.

Pam R

Hello Fool
Yes it can be.
The Aura, Etheric & the Chakras all emit the physical & emotional health of the person.
I am a spiritual healer & spirit can do direct physical healing on a client if required.


There is a difference between being “open to non-traditional ideas ” and being an idiot.


I’ve heard it can…..
…..but, I’m not sold on this idea. I wouldn’t rely on this as my
diagnostic tool (certainly not exclusively) and would certainly want to do some clinical testing and a thorough case history before coming to a working diagnosis.


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