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Can a person with psychic powers photograph an image from their mind by using a camera?

If someone can see an image of the past or future, all that person has to do is put the lens of a camera against their forehead and take a picture of what he sees. You could call it, thoughtographed. Do you think this is possible?


  1. Hahahahahahahahahahaha…yea, a psychic can do just that.
    No such thing, dearie…they’re all frauds.

  2. Umm.. no it doesnt work like that.. youd just get a pic of someones forhead.. its like asking.. if your dreaming.. can i just take a picture of forehead and the picture will come out, what youre dreaming about.. just doesnt work that way..

  3. Yes, of course. I do it all the time. It works a little different than your suggestion though.
    I prefer Polaroid cameras, but a digital camera will work. Once I have the image in my head, I mentally place the image on the film (or digital sensor in a digital camera). You must be careful not to snap a picture, because the light from the real world overshadows the psychic image.
    It can be really freaky to people to show them a photo of what they are about to do!

    • I also do this just as described here. Sometimes the images are from the future and sometimes from the past. One person swears I saved his life because he decided to take a cab instead of driving home. This was after I showed him a photo of his own death.

  4. No.
    While we have memories and can envision things in our mind, they do not exist as tangible matter that can be photographed. A camera against their forehead would give you a picture of their forehead.


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