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can a person seeking the holy grail not through the path of the abyss contact me?

i have recently felt something awaken in me. a greater understanding. i am now studying crypto-history on the occult and christianity. also the search for the holy grail through the opening of the centres of vision, also called the third eye. also similar or the same as far eastern ideas into meditation and the extra senses ie lotus flowers and organs that can be awakened through meditation.
soon after my studies(1 day) started, i had a dream that seemed to be similar to parsivals visits and quests for the grail. i believe i may have visited the well of kunaware but was attacked by a spirit or the dragon that sits above the globe(chakra). it sent me back to my body but i was still in dream state. i was very scared that the spirit could still find me so i forced myself awake. according to myth, the grail can only be found by remaking the word sword in the waters under the globe(chakra) that the dragon sits atop. i believe it says you must defeat the dragon according to myth. all this can only be done before the dawn, which is the unwaking contiouness.
anyway, i just want someone who is more experienced in these things to discuss and maybe teach me more about the history.
btw, i know it sounds crazy but it is just kind of a hobby of mine right now that feels like it could be important.


  1. Just so you know, the Holy Grail is in my pants. You first have to battle the Dragon of the Brush to get to it. It’s a very dangerous adventure, but I have been there before.

  2. I actually understand what you are talking about. You may want to look into Magical Christianity and philosophical alchemy to sort through things. Your dream was something like an astral-travel episode. The grail archetypically represents rebirth and transformation as well as the paradox of form and formlessess and the union of opposites. Ultimately one realizes that he or she is the metaphorical grail. The sword sometimes represents the path of the secret fire. I suggest you simply keep a journal of your visionary experiences as I said, look into Magical Christianity (Gareth Knight, Dion Fortune, for example) and philosophical alchemy.

  3. A good book to read is Book 4 (liber aba) by Aleister Crowley it is in free pdf format at hermetic.com. If you can get your hands on the books: The Tree of Life, The Middle Pillar, The Golden Dawn… at least to start with. If you wish to tread this particular path you will need to develop a more coherent understanding of the symbols and language.
    Your particular experience is probably of little over-all value, so don’t get caught up in it. The feelings of urgency should be directed towards meditation and prayer. I can tell you this honestly by my early zeal and the errors I made.
    Know this: There is no great truth nor enlightenment, the path is the truth and the light and neither.


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