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CAN A PERSON REALLY REPROGRAM their subconscious mind?

Do you all believe that a person can really change the way they think and behave by reprogramming their subconscious? You know, the subconscious mind is basically where your fears are stored, your beliefs. Certain behaviors are reflex and occur because they are in your subconscious. You aren’t consciously/purposefully doing these things (biting nails, etc), they are just habitual because your subconscious has accepted it.
How it works is, I have this program that has you relax and almost under hypnosis, then it says to let the words sink into your subconscious mind. Just affirmations like “I can be whoever I want to be”, etc.
Is this something that can really be accomplished? Anybody KNOW details about this?
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  1. Yes but this is too deep for my mind and I lost the remote control!! Sorry, I tried to star but I am out of stars for the day!!

  2. Your subconscious can be reprogrammed, but only by a very good specialist who will work with you and has enough skills and training in that area.


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