Can a person really have Telepathy?

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Is it possible to actually have Telepathy? I’ve heard of reading people’s body language to figure out what they’re thinking, but what if you hear them say it and their lips aren’t moving?

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Get your own chat show and reply to ppl b4 they speak. 🙂

Marxonmics SSR

Please let me know when you find out… but here is a tip. Thoughts are produced in frequencies, some times when you’re about to fall asleep you might find yourself hearing voices indistinctively, you are tunning into those frequencies. All it will take is to train yourself to modulate them. I’m not going to tell you to spend countless hours in bed trying to tune in… but that’s all I know about telepathy…well, not all, but the main thing…
So… we are really talking about a state of mind here…
normally when you spend enough time with someone else you find yourself saying the things that the other person was about to say and viceversa: your thought frequencies have got so close through companion: hence the adage: tell me who you are with and I’ll tell you who you are (or something like that). … good look.


There is no accepted mechanism by which telepathy can work, and there is no definition which unambiguously distinguishes it from a number of other related concepts such as clairvoyance, so the concept is not accepted by the scientific community.[4]
Telepathy is a common theme in modern fiction and science fiction, with many superheroes and supervillains having telepathic abilities. Such abilities include sensing the thoughts of others.


It is very difficult to here what the thinking when his/her lips is not moving (almost impossible). But it can be judge by the body language what, it need lot of concentration and free mind to understand body language.


Psychologists have been arguing about this since the early years of the 20th century. In the experiments that supposedly show that this exists, the psychics only do things like guess what a card is slightly better than normal people.


“Can a person really have Telepathy?”
Absolutely. What do you think tinfoil hats are made to prevent?


Unfortunately no research has ever proved that telepathy exists.
Body language is definitely hard to read to pick up exactly what people are thinking, etc. but it does give us an idea and we often pick it up subconsciously.


I have Talk Talk … free in the evenings and at weekends …!


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