Home Discussion Forum Can a person learn transcendental meditation for free?

Can a person learn transcendental meditation for free?

On the web or anywhere? I’ve heard classes cost thousands of dollars.


  1. There’s nothing particularly special about TM, despite the organization’s claims. There are many tutorials and guided meditations available for generic meditation. You don’t need to know TM.

  2. There are Certified TM Teachers all over the US who are dedicated to finding loans, grants, scholarships to enable everyone to learn The Transcendental Meditation Technique regardless of their financial situation. Call the Toll Free number (888-LEARNTM) on the website (TM.org) and you will find a TM teacher near you. The TM Organization is a non-profit organization and teaches TM in many extremely poor countries around the world, as well as to people in need in the US.
    Transcendental Meditation (TM.org) is effortless, easy to learn, and taught in a very systematic manner.
    “By necessity, the practice of Transcendental Meditation is imparted by personal instruction. It cannot be done through a book [or CD or online training] because it not only involves telling an aspirant how to experience the subtle states of thinking, but an even greater responsibility lies in finding out what the aspirant experiences when he proceeds on that path… The experiences on the path of Transcendental Meditation are very subtle… It takes a while for the beginner to be able to pinpoint his experiences of the subtle state of thought. The practice of Transcendental Meditation must always be given by the expert teachers of Transcendental Meditation who have been properly trained to give it and who have been trained to check the experiences.
    “The checking of experiences is a vital point in the practice of Transcendental Meditation. Again, it cannot be done through books…by nature it is delicate and therefore highly technical. But under personal instruction and guidance the way is smooth and easy.“ [Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, The Science of Being and Art of Living (New York: Plume/Penguine Group, 1963/2001), p. 35-36]
    The process of systematic “effortless transcending” is simple and easy, but also very, very delicate; so delicate that it was lost to society, East and West, for thousands of years simply because of misunderstanding and inadequate teaching methods.
    There have been at least 343 published peer-reviewed studies, including 35 Random Control Trials (RCTs) on The Transcendental Meditation Technique. The drug companies only need 2 positive RCTs to bring a new drug to market! There are also 8 meta-analysis comparing TM to any other mental technique that has published research on it. One meta-analysis shows that TM is at least twice as effective in reducing anxiety as other techniques and if the studies are rigorously done TM is found to be 3 to 4 times as effective as any other mental technique on which there has been published research. A paper, including a visual summary of the meta-analyses, Five Meta-Analyses Comparing the Transcendental Meditation Program with Other Meditation and Relaxation Techniques, can be found at TruthAboutTM.org
    A new scientific research study conducted at the University of Kentucky College of Medicine showed that people with high blood pressure can find relief through meditation–but the study also found that not all forms of meditation are equally effective. The study compared findings from research on several well-known types of meditation and relaxation practices, and found that the only mind/body practice that produces significant changes in blood pressure is the Transcendental Meditation technique.
    Neural imaging and EEG studies indicate that TM practice creates a unique brain pattern: it is the only meditation technique known to create widespread brainwave coherence which results in increased IQ, moral reasoning, etc. The TM technique also produces deeper rest than other practices, and studies show the technique to be more effective at reducing depression and increasing self-actualization.
    Electroencephalographic (EEG) research has found that different methods of meditation have their own individual EEG signature. This agrees with studies that directly compare one technique with another and analyses of data pooled from all relevant research (meta-analyses). These have found that different methods of meditation or relaxation vary in their effectiveness.
    The people who answer the phone at 1-888-LEARNTM will help you figure out how to learn, regardless of your financial situation.


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