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Can a person be spiritual, but despise any organized religion?

I think I am spiritual, yet I think of all religions as cults. My belief in a Supreme Being is highly personal and I consider him/her to be my consciousness. Do you think I am wrong?


  1. I think you’re wrong to expect an answer from a web site, but since I’m typing anyway, I’ll say that religion often has precious little to do with either spirituality or God…Be true to your heart, believe what you find there, and always hope for the best…good luck to you…

  2. Spirituality does not necessary have anything to do with religion. You can be the most spiritual person in the world and not be the slightest bit religious.
    Religion is like spiritual conditioning. They are, like you say, cults. All of them. Some are just bigger than others and that does not validate them.

  3. If you believe that you have a soul, and that there is a greater force or energy at large in the universe, that is part of us all and connects us all – that is being spiritual.
    being a spiritual person (nourishing your soul, spirit, inner self, whatever) has nothing to do with organized religions, although they are often confused. And a person (like myself) can be both religious and spiritual.
    Some people who call themselves “religious” are often not very spiritual people. They give “lip service” to dogma; go through the motions, and rituals, etc. and have no idea what being spiritual even means.
    Taking long walks and enjoying nature, meditating, yoga, watching the clouds, reading, listening to music, appreciating the world around you and your part in it, this is all part of being spiritual. Spiritual people tend to be very peaceful.
    Not so much with “religious” people, unfortunately.
    Although believing that they are all “cults” is perhaps a little extreme. There are many paths to spiritual growth and religion can also be that path. It’s just not mandatory.

  4. You can believe whatever you want. Don’t let other people tell you you’re wrong because how can they be sure they’re right?
    I think spirituality doesn’t really have to have anything to do with god or faith or religion. It can be something like developing yourself – find out ‘who you are’ and what you value and believe in and cultivating your creativeness
    I think your spirituality as you explained makes a lot of sense. It’s like the supreme greatness is you. And that is quite nice. Very self sufficient, and I like that.

  5. Since you do, it’s obviously possible! ♥
    Stop trying to conform to everyone else. Just be your self! If you believe a certain way, it doesn’t matter if anyone else does!

  6. I think you’re just like me! I don’t go to church because I don’t like the kinds of people I find there. I know several spiritual people who hardly ever go to church, all for different reasons. I’ll state up front why I don’t go to church. People who want me to conform to the dominant culture are usually the most peeved at my comments. My belief is that I worship God by living the kind of life He wants me to live, and that includes helping, kindness, and sharing.

  7. Nope, thats quite all right. I have had similar thoughts myself. Although I do follow a religion. Its way more spiritual. And you can be spiritual but not religious. Religion is a practice. Spirituality is in you, its all you. Its like an appreciation for life or something inside of you.
    So no need to worry bout it.There are a lot of religions out there that are hateful and contradict themselves. That just means they are missing their spirituality.

  8. All religions generally have their origins in the spiritual experiences of particular persons. A religion as an institution is a structure that’s meant to provide support and direction to awaken other’s spiritual experiences. The problem is that they don’t really want to do too much of that for there’s the potential for a new religion to be born (e.g., Buddhism out of Hinduism, Christianity out of Judaism….) So ironically, spirituality has the potential to undermine and be the demise of religion and religion can be threatened by too much spirituality! So you get quite the dance between the two. But if there were never any religion…how and where would we even get started or be inspired in ways in our spiritual quest? We draw a lot of our inspiration from past religions, past human experiences and teachings.


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