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Can a past life regression clear problems in this lifetime even within days of this event?

I had my second Integrated Energy Therapy class this weekend. When it was my turn to get on the table, my session turned into what I have no doubt was a past life regression. It seems I had been through a very traumatic death, possibly a torturous excecution. Could an energetic release like this clear blocks that I have in this life now… just like that (snap!!) ?


  • Try reading Past Lives, future healing by Sylvia Brown. It gives plenty of examples of how regression can improve ones life in the physical existence that they have in this life. It makes for a very interesting read.

  • Probably, especially if you connected the blocks with the release in your mind. The fact that you ask the question tells me that it is likley you can see your path more clearly because of the regression. Regression can help the energies you control to flow differently. Even before you conciously ‘put together’ events and issues, your energies have been put ‘back on track’, and have connected with the ‘memory’ of what once was. Or IS, in another dimension. It realigns the energy.
    Good luck on your path! Blessings!
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