Home Discussion Forum can a palm reading can be different from a tarot reading?

can a palm reading can be different from a tarot reading?

Mine were different in some parts they were the same and in other stuff was different. Which one should i believe more palm reading or tarot reading?


  1. Actually both are quite different on the levels they work…Palm Reading looks at the overall view of your life, not only past/present/future but your state of health, well-being, finances, marriage, travel etc…it certainly covers a broader base compared to tarot Reading, which targets at a SPECIFIC issue or question in your life right now. ‘
    Also, depending on the number of cards used and the spread used, this can be more general or specific. Tarot gives you insight into a situation that you may not have well aware of, like the presence of a mentor, 3rd party etc and also advises you on the outcome and actions to be taken… tarot can certainly be done on a daily, weekly or monthly basis as compared to Palm reading which is valid for up to a year at least, because the lines on the palms do not change that quickly anyway..

  2. Sorry, but I somewhat disagree with Astro Lady. I do both tarot and palmistry. Palmistry is best used to define an individual personality, best career and school choices, health, emotional and intellectual state. It is rarely correct when used to attempt reading the future, because the lines in your palm change as you age, with stress, when stress eases, after surgery, etc. Tarot is more specific and can be very detailed. While palmistry is great for reading personality, tarot is a divination tool. Tarot is used to see all aspects of a person, emotional, physical, mental, as well as past, present, and future. Whatever came forward in your palm reading, such as health, or the best career choice, in the hands of a good palmist, would be pretty accurate and reliable. But as far as future, tarot would be the tool.

  3. Each type of intuitive reading brings it’s own unique slant to a person’s life.
    Each one is as good as the person doing the reading. I wouldn’t say that either is better than the other. They are just different. I would suggest having more than one type of reading which you have done and you will get a different view from each.
    It is important to remember that cards, palms, runes, crystals etc. are just vehicles to spark the intuition of the psychic. The message is coming from spirit and they work with the psychic in the way he/she is comfortable.


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