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Can a ouija board allow spirits into your home kinda like a gateway or a portal even when not being used?

I have had 2 Very recent deaths in the family. Can this actually be from using the ouija board?


  1. the deaths i think not, but that thing is definitely bad. throw it away and don’t use it because it is a way to communicate with evil spirits.
    do not use it anymore.

  2. YES!!!!!!! i have heard crazy stories from my mom and friends who have used it. don’t play with that stuff its really scary i have had experiences with spirits and its not fun

  3. Its cardboard.
    If the board itself had any thing to it, every toy store would be haunted to the gills.
    Its your imagination that is making the correlation

  4. It’s just plastic and cardboard. If that was all it took to bring spirits into the world, you wouldn’t be able to take a step without bumping into one.

  5. Anything like that can attract the wrong sort of things into your home. If you’re asking this question then get rid of it, you’re must think it can.
    They never give correct answers at the best of times. Its all a bit wrong and nobody really knows what nasty things they can do, so I would get rid of the thing

  6. I think you will be able to. Yes, the Ouija board is very silly, and i dont think it necessarily lets you talk to the dead using a board with letters on it. lol. Spirits of those who were close to you will always come in and out of your home. All you have to do is talk to them, or think of them, and they are there with you. theres no need to involve the game.

  7. I can’t attribute recent deaths in your family to the Ouija Board, but yes it is a gateway to allow evil to infiltrate your life in one way shape or form. Depends how much you use it and how much you have let these evil spirits in. Bottom line it is not something that you want to mess around with at all. It is not a game. It is very serious S**T and you need to get rid of that from your life asap. I mean it…do it now!!!

  8. No. Ouija boards are not magic or predictive. The pointer is moved by reflexive movements from the players. Ask one to solve an algebra problem.
    Death occurs in family whether a ouija board is in the house or not. Might as well attribute it to playing cards or Mousetrap.

  9. yes, if you didn’t finish the conversation with the spirit then they or it(spirit good/evil) will come into your house. i don’t know much about it but i do know that u have to let the spirit know your about to end the conversation. if it does not want you to leave then don’t leave you have to keep on going until it decides end the conversation(hope this helps out).

  10. If someone in the group is spiritually open (is a door way) it defiantly can allow spirits as well as demons in. Don’t play with them they lie to you anyway. If you asked to speak to someone one in your family, it probably wouldn’t be anyway it will tell you what you want to hear… I played with one, one time when I was a kid it lies and once I knew more about them I never touched them again. I wouldn’t blame deaths on it but if anyone plays with one at least cover yourselves as well as your home with white light as well as using sage… (to be on the safe side) If you think I’m crazy then all I can say is Good Luck. Once I didn’t believe either but that changed…

  11. The oujia board is not something that is meant to harm people or cause death to anyone. It can open up passages in which anything or anyone can come through. I would get rid of it. Ihave heard nothing but bad about them!

  12. Honestly I think messing with ouija boards is just asking for trouble. I don’t believe they even work but they’re still dangerous. If you’re gonna mess with spirits then be smart about it. If you can’t communicate with them without using something like that then you don’t have the power to fight any trouble that you summon. The boards themselves are not gateways and don’t let spirits in but the way your energy changes when you attempt to use them just shows dark spirits your limits and weaknesses. The deaths in your family wouldn’t be from the spirits, they’d go after you not your family. My advice, thank your lucky stars you haven’t gotten yourself into too much trouble and never use that board again. If you wish to get involved with spirits then do it using only your energy, no accessories or anything like that.

  13. please please do not use that board anymore yes it is why maybe they died they say as u keep useing it the spirit is nice but then they get evil and take u over u go insaine not even the church could help u not even an exersisim do not use it EVER AGAIN throw it away NOW

  14. well even no its just a board with letters on it it is very dangrous it telling sprits that you want to commicate with it that you want it to do stuff reall what a ouija borad is it has a planchett and you put your fingers on it and the sprit uses your energs to move the planchett so no its not fake for all you people that has been saying it. so yes stop useing that ouija board

  15. OK. That may be a possibility. but the Ouija bored will open a gateway to the other side…before you get rid of the Ouija bored make sure to close the gateway first..


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