Can a man as highly educated as the Dalai Lama truly believe in astrology???

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Sure why not. There is actually relevant scientific evidence to support some areas of astrology.

Burkas Opress Women

intelligence and gullibility are not antagonistic qualities. There are plenty of smart people that believe all sorts of crazy stuff.

सहस्त्रधारा Thousands of streams

We will have to ask that from Dalai Lama, but yes, I agree with you in one respect. Tibetan Buddhists have practiced some Tantric rituals, and from what I hear, it’s highly organised and rarely shared with someone outside the monastries. One can never be sure though.

Robbie-Wan Kenobi

Of course. The mark of true wisdom is not the number of degrees and titles you have; the mark of true wisdom is having the ability to admit you don’t know everything and there are some things that can not be explained.


Did you know that SANTA and SATAN have the same letters?

Who is this man of red aura that comes to my house on Christmas Eve? 0.0

If there is no consciousness after death wouldn't that blow a hole in the Heaven and Hell theory?

The Caesars apparently knew about the power of the "reward and punishment" mind control tactic.

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