Home Discussion Forum Can a dead leaf falling from tree, bring Enlightenment?

Can a dead leaf falling from tree, bring Enlightenment?

Lao Tzu was enlightened when he saw one


  1. Yes, anything can bring it on. It’s one of the simple and wonderous things that God created, the falling leaf, so simple it’s overlooked in this fast pased world.

  2. what kind of question is this ? We have problems around the world and starving kids in every country and you ask about a dead leaf bringing enlighenment?

  3. Good ole Lao Tzu, didn’t carry a burden of past nor hope of the future, he just saw things as they are.

  4. I get lots of light from leaves that fall in my yard!! Open burning is permitted here in the agricultural area I live in…Fire=light….and the smell of burning leaves is one of my favorite things about Fall, as it brings back many happy childhood memories. Plus, my kids get to toast marshmallows after the leaves have burned and the wood catches fire!! What better way to spend a fall evening???

  5. I know we’ve had a really bad summer but don’t bring on the autumn so soon.
    It’s not the dead leaf falling from the tree that enlightens, it is how it is perceived. xx

  6. Enlightenment can happen in many circumstances!
    If you go through the talks of buddha in tipitaka (45 yrs of teachings of buddha) u can get it @ incrediblebuddha.com for free
    Many people achieved higher mental states just listening to the buddha’s discourse!
    It does mean just listening people understood the real meaning and many of there deep questions were answered by there own conscience this is when enlightenment is possible!
    And the other instances like a falling of a leaf etc is by the individuals mindfulness towards that particular happening they view that as impermanence in there own life !
    So it basically means that you must have higher mental states to achieve enlightenment
    Not by seeing a mere falling of a leaf from a tree! in common sense
    But observing it as a reason and connecting it with seom particular event in life!
    An example would be just how newton found the law of gravity when an apple fell from a tree!
    So the law of impermanence and other higher reasonings are found out @ that particular instance then englitenment is possible!

  7. The enlightment is uniquely in the eye of the beholder. To some, a falling leaf is merely a piece of debris to sweep. To others, a sign of seasonal change. But to those with pure enlightment in their hearts, it is the death of a segment of life, a fallen piece of once vibrant energy, a piece of once beautiful nature that is returning to earth. I once saw some fallen leafs pressed and immortalised in a picture frame. For me, their very spirit lingered on .. the picture was evocative and beatiful. That is my enlightenment.

  8. god is the Most knowledgeable and god knows every single thing happens on earth. neither a leaf could fall without god noticed and permission…

  9. If it hits you on the head hard enough! 😉
    I’ve had many common things bring it’s gift of enlightenment.
    Lack of sleep can do it.

  10. newton and the apple its the thought that is brought with this observation and subsequent understanding that will enlighten or enlighten

  11. Does the tree truly exist?
    Is the leaf really dead?
    An entire journey and all of existence can be captured in that moment.
    ((((( Cosmic Journeys )))))


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