can a clairvoyant speak to this person?

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are clairvoyants able to talk to people who cannot speak very good english?
my grandfather passed away and i wanted to know if a clairvoyant would be able to contact him even though he does no speak very good english.

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Fed up with the crap here

Your grandfather is dead. No living person can “contact” him.
It has NOTHING to do with language.
It has to do with the fact that living people can’t talk to dead people.
Use your common sense.


no, but he can PRETEND to talk to him…

Holly W

I have no idea where you got that information but you are looking for a medium and not someone clairvoyant. Someone who is clairvoyant has visions of what has happened, or what is happening or what is going to happen. Can be anyone a stranger or someone they know can be a spirit can be a place they are familiar with or not familiar with. Sometimes the visions are while you are wide awake like a picture show/movie that last for a very short time and sometimes while we sleep and they last longer.


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