can a christian borrow an idea from a Wicca?

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hi christian and wicca friends of mine *^-^*
i was just wondering, if wiccans can have a book that explains there experiences and practices then could i borrow your book of shadows idea but call it “book of light” since i’m not into magic but i had supernatural experiences happen in my quest to perfect my love of God, if the majority of you say sure then could you point me to a web site that i could post these experiences?
thanks God bless ^o^ ~ <3

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be careful, little eyes, what you see…


Except we Wiccans already have books of light.
So good luck with that.


Certainly. As Christians, we have already borrowed many of our rites and holidays from pre-Christian influences, including Paganism. Keeping a Book of Shadows (or a Book of Light) is a good spiritual practice. I personally have incorporated some ideas from Pagan sources into my religious practices, and have found them quite valuable to my spiritual growth.


Sure, then you can call yourself Wichristian.
..or you could just call it what it is… a journal.


As long as you are only praying to one God and not many and as long as you don’t cast any spells or try to contact spirits then you cannot be harmed or harm anyone else.
If you write the book I would buy it as I have also been seeking a path like yours. I believe that the witches of the past were often just herbalists and when you remove the superstitions and spells from wicca you have a love of the Earth and the natural things in it that God created. I find myself closer to God through nature than I ever did through being preached at in a Church.
Good Luck with your book x


Christians already did. Go investigate the history of Christmas. The supposed date of Jesus’ birth, based on events in the bible, put it sometime in March or April, I think. But the early church put it in December to co-opt the winter Solstice celebrations and gradually draw the pagans into the church.


you can do whatever YOU want to.
i am a christian, catholic, …35 years, and i believe in many of the practices of wiccan and what they “worship”, in nature and all that. After all God made it, didnt he? You can do whatever you want, there is no where writting “in stone” that your faith has to have strict boundaries, in any way, …do what you want, combine the two, however you wish.


of course christians can borrow ideas from wiccans. they borrow ideas from everyone, thats how christianity was made silly. look up the movie Zeitgeist on google video and keep an open mind while watching it.


and we christians should feel what from this?


NO** NO **NO** NO NO ** NO**** NOOOO;;;;;
you can not STRADLE a fence;;;
one foot for GOD & the other for the devil;;;
GOD can not and will NOT have any thing to do with SIN;;;
all witch craft and warlocks and all the likes are counterfits
and of the devil


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