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Can a Christian accept that others can be just devoted to their own religion as he/she is to Christianity?

Check out these demographics of the world that we live in folks:
According the “World Christian Encyclopedia: A comparative survey of churches and religions – AD 30 to 2200,” (David Barrett et al, editors) there are 19 major world religions which are subdivided into a total of 270 large religious groups, and many smaller ones.
Some estimates:
Christians are 32% of the world’s population, and the numbers are dropping.
Islam accounts for 19% and is the fastest growing major religion in the world today.
Hindus account for 13%
Chinese folk religion: 6%
Buddhists: 6%
Tribal religions, shamanism, animism: 4%
Atheists: 2% (the source separates Athesists from “no religion”)
New religions: 2%
Sikhism, Judaism, Spiritism, Baha’i Faith, Confucianism, Jainism, Zoroastrianism, Shinto, Taoism, Wicca, and “Other”: each less that 1%
Those who have no religion accounts for 12%.
Source:Religious Tolerance.org http://www.religioustolerance.org/worldrel.htm
I’m not asking who is right and who is wrong.
And I don’t think that we even want to go there.
Why is it that when someone asks such a question that at least one person has to get all uptight and think that I am slamming Christianity? I’m not.
I am encouraging tolerance.
I’m not using the stats to prove any persons degree of devotion.
When did facts not qualify as “substance”?
I am not asking anyone to believe that anyone else’s faith is “true.” The “truth” of faith is just that – faith.
Marinefirstinfantry: someone had to go there. Was it a “Christian” way to burn those accused of heresy? I don’t think it was very Christlike, but it was done in His name.
PicassoInAction: yeah, but I didn’t have room to break that all down in my question, and I didn’t want to focus on Christianity. Thanks though.
My apologies for not citing my source:
and Religious Tolerance.org http://www.religioustolerance.org/worldr…


  1. I think most Christians would tell you that they do understand that others are devoted to their religion, but that doesn’t make them right about it. If a person believes their own religion is the only way to stay out of hell or some similar terrible place, they would say it doesn’t matter how dedicated they are, we have to try our darndest to get them to be our correct religion.
    Of course, plenty of folks in Christianity and other religions think that it’s enough to be a good person and to be dedicated to some kind of spirituality.
    You might like the site below, it has more information on world religious demographics.

  2. And here I thought there would be some substance to your question, not just a bunch of facts.
    Are you trying to slam Christians? Is that your ultimate goal? If so, play hard.

  3. Yes, of course, but all your statistics indicate is that people adhere to a variety of religions. These statistics aren’t measuring the degree of devotion, just the claim to adhere to a certain one.

  4. I certainly accept it. How else can I explain why Buddists die for their faith and moslems die for theirs? Does not mean I accept their beliefs are true.
    And as for for the survey, it depends on who’s being interviewed and who is conducting the interview. Other records show the Christian church is growing.

  5. They can accept it, but their doctrine teachers that such devotion is misleading them… oh well.
    Huh. No Agnosticism on there eh? Or maybe they grouped agnostics with athiests… fair enough I guess. No religion would probably be more along the line of agnostics now that I think about it, because it’s those who are “undecided”

  6. Of course people can be just as devoted to their other religions as we are, thats really a silly question. The real question should be, does devotion matter if the belief is wrong? IS someone devoted to someone if they dont know the truth about that person? No… they can THINK they love the person but unless they know who the person really is, they love their idea and thats it.

  7. Moderate Christians can accept this. Obviously the Pat Robertsons of the world can’t.
    There is No God but Christ.

  8. It wasn’t a Christian way of life that attacked the Twin Towers in N.Y.
    So, who should be the ones practicing tolerance ?

  9. Christians can never accept anything that does not agree with their antiquated, twisted views 100%.
    When they are not too busy judging or condemning people, they are cramming their religion down other peoples throats.

  10. Of course. We know that most will not accept Jesus as their Savior but we also know that they’re making an eternal mistake so we try to persuade them to look at Christianity with an open mind. It’s the only religion that really has anything real to it.

  11. Yes, a Christian can accept that others are as dedicated to their religion.
    The question you should have asked is “Can a Christian accept that another religion is as valid as Christianity?”
    The answer to this question is also yes.

  12. I’m sure some Christians can. I’m glad your source separates no religion and Atheists as I have been trying, and failing, to teach people the difference between an Atheist and an agnostic.

  13. I believe that there are many people that are devoted to their religion. I have had great conversations with folks of different religions. I think that conversation about different religions should occur, not condemnation or telling someone their religion is wrong. If it is meant for someone to change their belief system, it needs to come from within, not someone bullying them.

  14. Yes of course.
    I was not always a Christian.
    I was a Pagan for many years.
    I accept and respect all people, they are all God’s amazing creations.
    Just because they don’t agree with me it doesn’t mean I don’t love them.

  15. Wouldn’t it be a nicer world if we all could believe whatever it is we believe and stop trying to impose our beliefs on others? I mean, think of all the extra time we’d have to get things done. Sadly, each of those religions you named have pushy crack-pots in them. I suppose that is the hazard when spirituality gets organized by people with all the foibles and failings that make us human. I believe the trick is to try to lead a good life, believing your beliefs without messing with anyone else and their beliefs.

  16. They seem to tolerate my wacky religious belief, so I’d say yes; they can. Oh right, I didn’t say what it is. I’m a Piegan, I worship delicious baked goods. I know it hasn’t the pizazz of other beliefs but its got the pizza! Take care.

  17. First of all… all those numbers are nothing since when you talking to christian he will tell you that not all of them are true christian.
    They like to use big numbers and dump every1 into the same group.
    But catholics will refuse mormons, jenovah wtiness and so on.
    Protestant will refuse Catholics and so on.
    In other words according to Christian encyclopedy of 2001 there are 33800 denominations and they all pretty much don’t like each other. While they all claim to belive in body of Christ they all will dismiss each other. So saying it’s 32% it’s like admitting that number is fake.
    Now mroe and more ppl get acces to internet and to libraries.
    ANy1 can read the bible and undertstand how violent and dirty the book is.
    Christians numberrs are falling fast. As for muslims… thier religion goes fast only in undeveloped countries.
    I don’t think any1 can point where muslims are the #1 religion in civilised country.
    As hindu… There are too much of a peace and those religions don’t usualy produce big numbers. Pppl can feel better if they can compare to some1 who is not that good. So most peacefull religions will exist but won’t get attractions.
    Another 20-30 years at the same speed most religion will be ancinet and outdated but for now we still hanging with old generations.
    Science is taken over slowly but will. Nobody kills us ( normal ppl and thinkers ) like they did few hundreds years ago.
    Anyway to make the story short doom days for the religions are pretty much over.

  18. Of course we can accept this – it’s proven fact. But, it’s still hard to accept that so many people are being deceived – and know that it’s partly my fault because I’m so hypocritical sometimes. I think all Christians feel similarly – we know that we make mistakes and say stupid things that make our religion look false and even stupid, but that’s not God’s fault, we Christians are to blame.
    So, I understand how committed others are to their religions, and I respect others, but I still disagree and wish that they were able to see what I see.
    And I already know that many of you don’t care what Christians think. It’s obvious that Christians telling others they’re wrong and going to hell is a stupid way to try to explain what we believe. *shrugs*

  19. I have no doubt that people can be devoted to a religion just as much as Christians are devoted to Christianity.
    Every human being has the capacity within themselves to be devoted to and to worship something as God. The question is, are we going to worship the One True God or are we going to worship something else?
    Some people groups worship idols made of gold or of wood. Some people worship movie stars or rock bands, some people worship their careers or money or fame. Some people worship sex and some people worship a particular person. Some people worship themselves, and live for the attention and admiration they receive…
    People are worshipful creatures, we pour our hearts and our lives into something. So there is no doubt in my mind that people worship other gods (which are not gods at all) just as devoutly as I worship Jesus my Lord (if not more so!)
    People in Islam memorize the Koran, they change the way they dress and walk and act… some extremists are even willing to kill themselves and others for their religion! Would I be willing to go that far for my religion? No. I have not memorized the bible and I would not kill for my religion (my God does not ask me to) – but I would hope that if push came to shove, I would die for my faith in my Lord.

  20. I like people who stand up for there religion like i stand up for my religion yes i am cristian and i dont understand this i have never see a true christain that attacks other religions except for one dude in the bible but he was mocking them because they were cutting themselves anyway you need to relax breath: its not like we force people into are religion and i have been to that website and know were does it say that we are dropping actually that last i heard we are growning oh and you need to separtate the christian churches we may all be christain churches but like baptist are totally different then LDS or other christain churches

  21. Certain Social and Religious studies have demonstrated a very well recogized phenonema concerning the demographics you cite, that no matter what the culture, those born into that culture tend to think that theirs is the superiour culture. Its the same for religious belief or faith,,,,my country, my culture, my religion is superiour.
    That being the way things are, it makes it difficult for some persons to grant that others may have a similiar concept of intolerance to change or that other religious groups may have a better religion in terms of truth.
    For Christians, generally, they are tollerant of other religious groups….but for the Christian that takes the doctrine of Salvation by Jesus alone, then tolerance is a playact because the Christian has been taught that there is no other salvation by any other religion better than Christianity…ergo, very difficult to allow other religious faiths tolerance. The Crusades, Inquistion, Pogroms, and even the Holocaust were all demonstrations of the Christian basic intolerance primarily against Jews. Martin Luther wrote strident letters of express intolerance and recommended the destruction of all Jewish homes, synagouges and businesses. SO, if a Christian expresses tolerance for any other religion, it is because they have not adopted the more strident teachings of Christianity. For that, thank God. Sincerely

  22. I have no problem believing that members of other religious beliefs can be every bit as devout as I. I may not agree with other faiths, but I don’t doubt the sincerity of the practitioners of those faiths.

  23. Sure they can, and most do, But think of this–compassion is the cornerstone of Christianity, which means that, in love and in living their religion, their chief goal is to save as many souls as they can. Which means, it’s their job to bring you to see the error of your ways, and the validity of their religion. Not just to gain a few followers, but to save you from eternal damnation.
    Why is this such a difficult concept for all you non-Christians out there? Certainly Muslims are long on proselytism, though they aren’t so big on internal change as on external obedience, but still….
    Moving on…let me quote you a statistic or two, and see what you have to say about it.
    What religion are all the others looking to discredit?
    What religion most do all these ‘accepting’ guys revile and despise?
    What religion is the most copied, and most fanatically denied?
    For what religion have the most people sacrificed–themselves, not others?
    What religion is the most consistently and aggressively under attack, both from within and without?
    Don’t you think there’s a reason for all that?
    I think rational consideration would lead you to suspect there’s more to it than just disagreement or ‘diversity’. As the marines say…once is an event, twice is coincidence, after that it’s enemy action.
    So, ask yourself why.

  24. I know they can but devotion doesnt make it right. We can be sincere about somthing and at the same time be sincerely wrong.

  25. Yes I do and even more so. The book of Revelation describe some of the church as luke warm. The majority is usually wrong. I have heard people say ” I don’t believe in God. I always answer , but He believe in you. It doesn’t matter. The question is What does God want? That is what divides us, it does not mean that the hardest worker is right.

  26. I don’t know where your stats come from, but Muslim and Chrisitians are about equal, of which the Catholics make up 50% of the christians!
    There are 1 billion Muslims and almost the same number of total christains!
    Technically christains are supposed to convert everyone!
    So are muslims!
    A good Christian should be happy with someone else who is happy with what they are.

  27. mostly no.. because they think they are the only on right and all other religons are wrong… which is sad………


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