Can a certain area, say a specific longitude and latitude, have negative energy either coming in or emitting?

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I moved into this city about a 18 months ago and since I have lived here it seems that everything is so negative. It’s almost like you can feel it in the air. People, attitudes, things going from bad to worse. I used to feel good and had a positive attitude… now I seem depressed all the time. Can there be some sort of negative energy around that is causing this? By the way… the city is Emporia, Ks.

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Humans are social creatures, as a result we’ve all developed a sense of empathy. So the moods and attitudes of those around us affect the way we feel, act and react about and to our surroundings.
This has been expressed in many cultures as varying forms of energies like the art of feng shui that focuses on using the surrounding to direct chi (qi) which is spiritual energy.

By the Ocean

May be you are living on a spot with high magnetic anomaly that may effect the mood of everybody.
Check the link below for a map of the world magnetic anomalies.

Irv S

About 18 Mo.s ago was when the economy turned really sour.
That “negative energy’ is a matter of time, and other things,
not location.


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