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Can a broken chakra be repaired?

I suffered a personal tragedy some years back and got so upset that I cursed the world, God and everything in existence. I did it so hard and for a couple of serious minutes that all of a sudden a ring inside of me broke. I could hear my soul sort of cry like “oh no.” Now I’m wondering if I can repair what I assume is a chakra that I broke. I know all of this sounds crazy, however, it has me worried.


  1. yes chakra’s can be repair and there r many ways to go about. The sad part about it is that each person has to find their own way to repair the broke chakra within.

  2. It is said that the spirit(and the chakras wihthin it) are “repaired” after 7 yrs pass and the offender leads a repentant life. If you have no evil act (really evil act, not petty ones) then you should be healed. Try to get some rest,pray and meditate. As for God dont worry. He is a kind Father, and he always forgives his children. Ask for his forgiveness with your heart and you will have it. We all make mistakes, it is wether we seek and correct them that really matters.

  3. Yes of course it can be repaired but it isnt a chakra. It is your energy flow matrix or Chi that got blocked. The chakras are just the channels or passages that this energy flows through.
    The quickest way to fix it is to realize that the idea of it being broken is just in your mind, and not real.

  4. Get some Crystals and meditate on it. I don’t think you can break them but you can damage them. Just think positive thoughts and you will be able to right your self again. Good Luck

  5. My dear
    Chakras are not physical rings that situated in our body. Chakras are some energy centres in our body, where nerves are bundled or intersect. The power of these energy centres can be increased by meditation and re-directing that cosmic energy that we received through meditation to that particular chakra. It is not easy as we are saying. It requires a strong powerful “yoga bal” (power of concentration). First try to practice meditation and try to increase the power of concentration. Then go for chakra opening and all.

  6. Everybody gets upset and curse the world ,God,and everything in existence due to their intense mental pain and agony they undergo during a personal tragedy and sometimes go even to the extent of weeping(“Rhodhana Hethu Rooham”)..No “Chakra” or “Vakra” gets broken.Now a days all Tom,Dick and Harry started cheatingg people about Chakra ,Bakra and all that.–“Ignorance is bliss”.–Incidentally it is “Chakra”m” and NOT Chakra

  7. ~~~ SK ,,,, As others have said, a Chakra cannot be “broken” as it is an Energy Vortex. Each vortex has a “Frequency” or “Vibration” that it is unique to itself for it’s own Specific Function. When all Chakras are functioning at their Optimum Frequencies we then have Optimum Health, which is represented in the ancient symbol of The Caduceus representing The Mind Body Spirit Connection. If you ‘Google Image’ the words “Chakra Caduceus” you will see many Representations. Yes this does directly tie in with Accupuncture and Spiritual Energy called by the names Prana, Manna, Mana, Chi(Qi), Ki, etc, ,,,Treatments include,,,Reiki, Crystals, Specific Meditation Techniques, Dr. trained in TCM(traditional chinese medicine), Qi Gong, Tai Chi Chuan, Deep Tissue Massage, Hypnotherapy, or combos of these. You of course, should be diagnosed by one of these professionals in their field.~ Namaste`

  8. This is a very common problem amoung the human first takes. As with alll things in life we learned how to cope with our problems in some manner fron our kindrgarten experience. The healing ritual you seek is simmple and if you try you can remember the curative sequence which will allow you to undo this energy network blockage. To begin- You put your LEFT foot in, Put your left foot out, Put your left foot in and you shake it all about. You do the hokey pokey and you turn yourself around-that’s what it’s all about. Now EVERYBODY…


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