Can a blue haired 38 year old pagan artist adopt a child?

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I’ve never really considered the option of adoption because I always figured I wouldn’t be taken seriously as a candidate. Why? Because my lifestyle and world view isn’t what you would consider normal. I have a wonderful life full of art, love, healthy food, respect for animals and nature, and lots of fun, but no children.

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sure why not. go for it if you really want a kid.


I believe they interview you thoroughly. Your blue hair may unnerve them at first but I’m sure if you prove that you’ll make a good parent then your hair won’t matter. There is no reason why you shouldn’t be given a chance. All children deserve to experience art.


why not thats not bad to have blue hair or paint that way


if a gay couple can why couldn’t a blue haired 38 year old pagan artist?


If you have a good job and enough money to support a child, then I don’t see why not.


i’m sure you could adopt it’s more about stability then anything
you need to have a clean criminal record, you need to be emotionally stable, and you need to have at least $20.000.00 in savings. Some agencies require that you own your own home. These are the general requirements, age, hair color, and religious affiliation is not so much of a issue as long as you are over 18 (21 in California)
However some agencies don’t adopt to single parents so you might have to have a husband or partner.


If you really want this, and you are concerned about what they will think of your hair color, then die it. It doesn’t hurt to change your hair color temporarily if it means you can have a child that means so much. Your hair being a normal color for a short while….or….the child?


It pretty much sounds like my mum so yea probably


Sure. There’s nothing wrong with the color of a person’ hair or their religion.


i dont see why not. theyll check you out decide if youre financially responsible. and if you keep a clean house and blah blah blah. if youre a good person and wont be neglectful its a good possibility


Yes, but you could expect slightly above average oversight by social workers for the first little while.


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