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Can a beginner Practice Zen Buddhism Meditation at Home?


  1. Yes
    Much better than these Reptilian run centres who have their own “Agenda” which is extremely dangerous for Human Beings
    The advice offered by the Reptilian is flawed If it was correct the Human would still be alive and very likely be here answering for Himself
    The fact He isn’t proves as far as Humans are concerned the advice is very dangerous

  2. There are different schools of Zen and different “meditations” in Zen. So, you should first think about what do you mean by Zen meditation. If you ought to sit for half an hour everyday and watch, in example, your breath or simply feeling your body for better health or concentration, I think it is quite all right. But if you are seeking something higher spiritually you probably will need a authentic guidance.

  3. Absolutely. Grab a cushion and go for it!
    There’s a neat book out there called the Everything Zen book. It’s a great beginner’s primer that’ll teach you every thing you need to know.
    om mani padme hum

  4. If Zen doesn’t work out, would you consider Falun Gong.
    Everything is available from the web site: http://www.falundafa.org, including guided exercise and meditation video, music, and lectures. If you need any help, there is free workshop. Contact a local practitioner in your area for free instruction.

  5. Yes of course and many do Avoiding the centers like the plague
    You may need to understand
    Lord Buddha put His Dharma [ Teachings ] down in many different ways to cater for the different time periods this world would go through and also knowing we are all different with different levels of understanding Different capacities etc
    Traditionally Zen Buddhism relied very heavily on the input of a living Teacher
    but sadly in these times with what is happening in the world these Centers are run largely by Reptilians with one aim in mind
    Knowing meditation presents ideal conditions quietness that makes it easy for then using an energy they are able to generate to set up blockages in the brain causing tumors and death
    Many Human Beings have been caught out with this practice Hence my reason to speak out
    Fellow Humans Please take note
    Meditate in the home or another place where You can meditate in safety and also Only meditate with those you fully trust
    In mediation we are wide open and therefor extremely venerable
    This is the best advice I can offer
    Good luck

  6. There are trees in the city and trees in the forest.
    You can practice Zen meditation anywhere, some places are more conducive than others.

  7. Home is a great place to meditate. It’s an environment that you have some control over. It doesn’t have to be much, just quiet and comfortable..


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