Can a bear hug make you lose consciousness?

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In my middle school sometime, one of my friends came up with something that surprised all of us.
He asked me to sit down and breathe deeply for two minutes and then stand up with my arms raised. He then held me with a bear hug from behind and lifted me off the floor. I lost consciousness for a few seconds. He did this to a lot of guys and they all lost consciousness.
Can anyone explain why what really happened?

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you cut off your breathing, what i do is i breath hard 20 times, then put my thumb in my mouth and blow hard, you will lose control & pass out


it wasproberly gthe zshock and the power ofthe hug


The dramatic change in oxygen intake causes a loss of oxygen and blood to the brain, then with additional loss of oxygen from him squeezing you caused you not to breath giving even another loss of oxygen intake. Your body shut down for a few seconds becuause it needed to regulate your breathing.


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