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Camp Meeting Monday! Christians, are we more united or divided…?

During the early 1800, the “Second Great Awakening” took place in the US, with great camp meetings that stired the spiritual core of our nation. Part of reason this happened was the peoples willingness to lay aside petty differnces and come together for special times of preaching and prayer.
Spiritulay speaking, is this type of unity still possible?


  1. OF course it is still possible and it is happening around the world in small groups that are coming together to stand on the truths of God in the Bible, without compromise.
    You can have unity in church, and it not be of God at all.
    IF they arent united in love and Gods truths, it is not Godly unity.
    Yes, we will have pure revival again.
    LEts get together to just stand for Jesus, as He is coming soon, and it is truly servants of God just like you that will usher in this revival, as being led by the Holy Spirit.
    Jesus is coming soon, lets all be ready. WE have noone to blame if we arent.
    God bless you.
    Cant wait till tomorrows camp meeting.
    Favor from God?? Oh yes, its coming, we who are truly Gods that will love Him and Obey HIm and live like JEsus as we are commanded to do will be blessed to overflow.
    Sister Shirley

  2. Spiritually speaking, anything is possible through God. On a human basis, I think Christians are more divided than ever. Some Protestants say Catholics aren’t true Christians. Some Catholics say Protestants don’t follow the first church established by Jesus. Some say non-denominational Christians need to pick. Then there’s New Age stuff and mega-churches, etc. We just keep separating! Everyone seems to think they have it right and the rest need to change.
    I believe God is gathering His Saints together, that HIS Church needs to come together for the real spiritual battle that is happening. That unity will not be stopped!
    God Bless.

  3. Oh yes it is, even though it seems not to be. We have done it to ourselves, as someone said,(MLK?), Sunday is the most Segregated day of the week in America today.
    Aside from our racism, we also are very Sectarian, I have had Baptists tell me I was not a Christian because I speak in Tongues, I have had Pentecostals tell me I am not a Christian because I received The Baptism in The Holy Ghost in a Charismatic Fellowship instead of a traditional Pentecostal Church. (This happened in Bible College !) I have had Calvinists tell me I was ignorant of the meaning of Grace, because I am not Calvinist.
    Can we come together ? Only when we get out of the way, and let The Holy Ghost do His office work in our individual Churches, and lives !


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