Home Discussion Forum Calling anyone who has successfully done astral projection...?

Calling anyone who has successfully done astral projection…?

I have always wanted to do astral projection, but have never been able to. My father has done it. My sister has done it. They tell me it just happens, that you can’t force it. Does anyone out there have any tips or tricks you use to astral project?


  1. it’s a lot easier if your body is completely relaxed. I recommend meditation, simple Yoga stretches and breathing exercises for preparation. it also helps if you’ve mastered your dreams as well.
    I should also warn you that while your are projected, your body is extremely vulnerable, especially to possession.

  2. Yeah, I’ve done it, countless times, for as long as I can remember. So has my dad. And your family is right – astral projection does just happen. There’s no way you can force it, and for me it’s never even worked with any kind of ritual beforehand. But if you want a trick that might help you with projecting yourself in the astral sense, I suggest you try to imagine yourself simply floating away…like up through the roof of your house and into the sky, or else sideways, until you get outside your house via the closest wall…and then just start imagining your way around the neighborhood, floating or walking, whatever’s comfortable for you. Astral projection isn’t an imaginary thing, but for me, at least, it’s always started with imagination, if that makes any sense.

  3. It’s kind of tricky and takes awhile to learn the best method for you. First just get relaxed and go into a trance. Good quality incense will speed up the process. I like using the Escential Essences “Tranquility” incense for these types of things. You can get it at just about any metaphysical store if you have one near you.
    Anyway, lie down or sit in a recliner, whichever you prefer is fine. When you reach the point where your entire body is numb and you can’t feel anything you’re ready to try. Start by envisioning your astral body slowly coming out of your body. First just envision the arm coming out and back in, try to feel it as you do. Once you get a feel for that then just envision your whole astral body slowly start floating up.
    The best method I’ve used after this is as your astral body floats up I envision a colored rope coming from all the major chakra points that connects to the astral body. Starting from the root I’ll concentrate on it spinning then stop it, and reverse the direction it was spinning in. Kind of like turning a key, when you reverse the spinning direction “cut” the rope and it releases that part. Do this with all of them and affirm that as you do this to the last chakra point (should be the crown if you’re working your way up) then you will have full control and consciousness of your astral body.
    It may take multiple tries. Do it regularly and you should eventually get it. Be sure when you feel your astral body coming out that you don’t get nervous or scared. That will prevent you from doing it.


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