By shifting your perception vibrationally, would we be able to see each other?

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I mean, we are spiritually connected right now, talking in the internet to each other, mulling spiritual thought and concepts. Everything is vibration….you, me, the computer, and they appear solid only because of our vibrational perception. For instance, with the right background colour, I can shift my visual perspective and perceive the aura colour of my hand . Would that I could shift perspective by changing my vibrational rate to such a degree, would we be able to see each other even though we may be on opposite sides of the world? Our spirituality is perception and vibration in unison, and so creates our direct experience in life. Could our spirituality enlarge to such a vibrational range that distance would be immaterial “physically” too?
Very funny! I know the question may sound funny but its’ based purely on a mind expansion I had whilst reading Eckhart Tolle this morning. There is “space” between all seemingly solid objects, us included, and everything between us, and I “saw” no obstruction and that we could actually see each other if ………., and this question formed.

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your vibrator…also vibrates………..except its missing baterrys
are you spiritually connected to that?


i’ve heard of the vibrational theories -very interesting – not totally sold on it though
towelie – pass the bong
thank you – puff puff – gag

Zbogom - svibanj Ljubav pronaći

I don’t know – let’s try – OK?
One, two three – Go!
Later – Well, that was an anticlimax for sure, didn’t work. Think I’d prefer human contact and physical presence over a computer (sorry – tried but not for me)


Depends upon what frequency you are vibrating at and if we can change to your frequency – by the way what is it?


My words would be a little different, but I agree very much in principle.
The more we see how we’re the same, the more we connect…..
The more we connect, the more we relate…
The more we relate, the more we can see the other’s perspective…
If we continue, we will eventually see out of the same eyes…
And then will we truly comprehend each other…
As is the micro, so is the macro…




When you get to the top of the mountain, keep climbing.
edit: try me also


Sure you could. Looking out of the corner of your eye, or extreme side look, you see auras because they are 4th dimensional. I also duck people that aren’t in this dimension. Sometimes throwing myself into the floor. lol Distance is already immaterial. I can send and pick up energies/vibrations of others and myself any where, over the internet, around the world, just by thinking of them or them of me. Anyone can. Distance is illusion and all is connected. It’s a no brainer. hehe Great question! I really enjoyed it.


i like in principle (as he puts it) what Sunman said, and add that we are already seeing as one through the eyes of Source, but that we have not cognized this fact. We are very much “stuck” in the concepts and perceptions of separation and division…even though we know intellectually that is an illusion.
It is a matter (yes, perhaps that is a pun) of lowering the ego’s defenses and stepping across the moat of forgetfulness out of the dreamillusion. These veils/walls erect thoughtform and senseform obstructions that impede a freeflowing experiencing of our true nature…our spiritual connection/oneness.
Watch a kettle of cold water change forms as the vibration/heat is turned up…soon enough it has become invisible…yet it still “is.” Or ask yourself when eating a banana at what stage (of chewing, digesting, eliminating, sewage treatment, absorption into the earth, or recycling back into nourishment for another plant of one sort or another) does it no longer exist…or become another transitioning/morphing form.
We are so intricately connected, yet so unaware of where or how we merge. The slightest of my thoughts or perceptions or movements impacts every otherelse, without exception. We are deeply and purposefully connected (vibrationally) as one breath, one heartbeat, one living being.
i can easily reach out with the vibrational power of my thoughts (conceptions) or the vibrational power of my senses (perceptions) to touch and/or merge with any specific “point” of focus i choose…for instance, i am connecting at this moment with my beloved Mt. Hood and environs (in “realtime”, i might add, not in “memorytime”), and i am experiencing an exhange of energies linking us…it is palpable and filling and elevating. In that focusing, a union/merge is experienced…the mountain, trees, streams, boulders and i have become one thing.
Did i go to Mt. Hood, or did Mt. Hood come to me? Or was there no distance at all? Were thought and perception mutually (mountain and i together) experienced out of my choice of focus? i sought and found union for a few moments as i came into resonance with another point of manifestation…our energies merged and sang as one chord, in accord.
Is it not beautiful? The simplicity of it is staggering. Without exception we are all one. Only Source is.
i am Sirius


Try me.Best wishes


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