Home Discussion Forum By refusing to the idea of creator, did Buddha meant harmonious living?

By refusing to the idea of creator, did Buddha meant harmonious living?

Did buddha knew that one day people will fight in the name of religion? Did he knew that people will be lazy and blame everything on luck and God?


  1. I think he realized that religion is a way to control the masses and that one day it would all fall apart and be the downfall of civilization.

  2. He knew some future things, he said that there would come a point when true Buddhism would pass out of the world. I think that even back in Buddha’s day people were fighting in the name of religion and blaming things on gods, as he came out of Hinduism.

  3. I have yet to hear of anyone fighting in the name of Buddhism. It is an incredible peaceful belief system. Since Buddhism does not have a deity that it follows, I do not see how Buddha could have foreseen people blaming anything on a God – such a deity would doesn’t exist.
    The goal of Buddhism is find peace and end suffering. One of the ways that is done is to see the world for what it really is. Seeing it in that way would show that religion itself is simply another device that adds chains to a believer instead of removing them.

  4. Buddha didn’t mention anything about a creator because it had nothing to do with his message.
    The reason people fight over religion has nothing to do with the actual religion itself. It’s because of people’s fears and insecurities which lead to anger and hatred. It is the attachment to these emotions that the Buddha wanted to extinguish.
    “I came to teach two things only, suffering and the end of suffering.”

  5. one of the main reasons The Buddha didnt go into discussions about God is that it did not , and still does not pertain to his teachings.
    There would have been no use to it.


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