By how much should you change momentum of tachyon, in order to accelerate it to infinitely fast speed?

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Initial speed of the tachyon is 2c.
‘tachyons are only a theory’
we should try to apply that theory then

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Peter K

Tachyons are only a theory and there is no proof they exist at all.

Franklin Marek

You need to drop a tachyon’s energy (albiet imaginary energy) to zero. As the energy goes down it’s speed rises. Likewise, when you add energy to it, the tachyons speed approaches the speed of light asymptotically.


The momentum of a tachyon of mass m is
m v / √((v/c)² – 1)
which means that at infinite velocity, it has 0 momentum. So, the answer to the change in momentum from where v = 2c is:
-(2/√3) m c
that is, a reduction of momentum. This is, in fact, consistent with deBroglie matter waves. I’m not sure why there is so little speculation on whether or not deBrolige matter waves are the tachyons everybody keeps talking about.


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